Real Name - Lisa "Nephy" Nephrahim
Code Name - Lifebeat
Sex - Female
Age - 15

Mutations/Powers - Hemokinesis: The ability to manipulate Blood. Any blood she can see, as well her own blood, can be shaped into any sort of object she wants, from knives to pillows, and can be moved in any direction. She can effect blood out of sight, but is only able to either speed or slow down existing movement in it. This allows her to increase the recycling of oxygen and toxins in a system, which gives her the ability to boost stamina in herself and others. Alternatively, slowing down the blood will induce dizziness, sleepiness, fainting, and eventually death from lack of oxygen to the brain, though it should be noted it takes hours to progress this far. Her blood is also abnormally thick, she has an abundance of Bone Marrow, and said marrow responds to a loss of blood by producing more, unlike normal humans. Her heart has atrophied from lack of use at an early age, And is only able to beat for a few (3-4) hours a time, and only enough to support a resting state. Whenever she uses her abilities, control of her own blood loosens, which can result in a downward spiral until she loses control altogether, at which point Nephy faints and must rest for at least an hour. It's been suggested Nephy could do much more if she could sense blood, but has been unable to with any success.

Look - 5'6", Half Norwegian and half Ukrainian (She's as white as they get folks) Nephy is tall, and well endowed for her age, though slightly slim. While sometimes brightening when happy, her lack of sleep leaves her looking slightly dazed most of the time. Her hair is Long and naturally red, but dyed black because "It's too cliche." Her eyes are green, but can turn red when losing control of her powers. A small mouth and button nose round her face as looking very cute, more then anything else. She is slightly overweight, due to her much denser blood, which ensured she never got the habit of eating enough. Her sense of fashion is both far reaching and ignorant at the same time, with her wardrobe consisting of many many different styles of dress, from many different parts of the world, while mostly ignoring whatever is currently "in". She owns no short sleeved clothing though, as her powers often leave marks on her upper arms. Currently a gift from Sephula has eliminated this.

Personality - Shy and soft spoken. Nephy has had few friends, and has become horribly afraid of social interaction with strangers, which grows exponentially as more people are added. She’s never really been able to deal with kids her own age, and was an outcast in her class. She is in reality very sweet and concerned about other people, but has very rarely shown this due to her lack of friends. A lack of sleep has given her plenty of time to read up on many issues. When nervous she uses this knowledge to correct any mistakes anyone says, whether she wants to are not. Hates her first name with a passion. Her abnormal powers and proximity to death have removed many of her fears (Except social interaction of course.)

(From Miss Frost's personal notes: After a Full Mind scan, I've found Lisa has some deep rooted issues with Sadistic and Masochistic impulses. Although it seems she has not acted on them yet, nor does she wish to, I would like to assign her to the Hellions so I may keep a closer eye on this problem. This will of course be left out of her public file)

History - Born to a "normal" family in New York, she was delivered on a slightly busy day in the hospital, which is perhaps why the doctors failed to notice her little heart beating only half as much as a normal baby's. As she got older, Nephy began subconsciously assumed more the hearts job, and sleeping less, till the age of 10 when she quit sleeping and her heart stopped beating altogether. Quickly realizing this was a bad thing, she ran to the hospital in order to get aid.

After arriving, she threw the doctors into quite an uproar, until one realized it had to be a mutation. Afraid the others would realize and send her to the government, he quickly took Nephy in for a private examination and tried to think of a way to cover it up. After explaining the situation to Nephy, he administered a sedative, at which point the heart resumed beating, though not strong enough to function awake. Fascinated by the strange case, he devised a Schedule for more and more sleep that would hopefully let his heart gain its' former strength.

This shocked the still immature Nephy. Though she tried to resume his normal life, Nephy found herself unable put up with the day-to-day events knowing well how close to death she was, and became withdrawn. A few friends stuck by her, but most got tired of her reluctance to interact and started avoiding her.

Around her fourteenth birthday, Nephy finally told his parents the truth. To her surprise, they had already figured it out years ago, and were waiting to tell her at 18. After that faithful conversation, Mr. and Ms. Nephrahim were very concerned that their daughter would not be able to grow up right in a school without more unique children if she knew the truth, so they began thinking about alternatives.

They had managed to get in contact with a group that told them it was for mutants like Nephy (In reality, it was a dummy school set up by hydra) When the EMP washed over the world, Hydra abandoned their plans to raise young mutants for a time. Both Nephy's parents were injured in the incident, and all talk of enrollment is a new school was dropped. But just because they were through with Mutants, it didn't mean the Mutants were through with Nephy. While Hydra never followed up, The Hellfire club found the records and demonstrated a better memory. In exchange for joining the Hellions, they promised to play for all his parents expenses (which were beginning to pile up). Her parents trust of other mutants proved to be completely eroded, as they refused any deal of the sort that have them used as bait. However Nephy proved to be more trusting, and once she found the Hellions, she accepted their membership in person, while leading her parents to believe she was still going to her old school.

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