Lady Xera

Name: Xera Aequitas(Formerly of House Ghriogair)
Code Nmae: None
Titles: Lady, Ladyship, Queen, and Queenship
Sex: Female
Age: 23
Powers: None
Skills: Blades(Light Swords. Kitana and Short Sword), and Diplomacy
Group Affiliation: Authority(by marriage), House Ghriogair(No longer exists
Equipment: A Kitana, Short Sword, and daggers. Kitana, and short sword are usually kept put away unless she knows she needs them. She always keeps a few daggers on her person.

Personality: Xera tries to keep a cold cival attitude about things, but has another side she only shows her friends. The side that shows her heart, and desires.

Look: 5'9 Red hair. Green eyes. Xera acts noble, and tries to put grace into everything she does.

Lady Xera had grown up in House Ghriogair. She was trained in all the proper ways to be a lady, and that included being trained with a sword. House Ghriogair wasn't the first to adapt this tradition. Female Knights had been allowed for centuries. So the noble women taking up the sword just seemed a logical step.

She earned the eye of King Richard the XXth. He took her into his keep intending to bargain her against another mans land that wouldn't budge. One of the Knights sent to procure her was Sir Nathaniel Aequitas. After a few skirmishes on the Kings Road they got back to King Ricards' Keep.

Nathaniel was assigned to her personally. She sent him away constantly on errands that she thought would keep him busy, or get him killed. Each time he came back after doing what she asked without fail. Finally allowing herself to trust him she let him into her confidence, and gave him an amulet.

For a long while it looked like negotiations were going well till the Duke made his treachery known. All hell broke out through the castle. Nathaniel protected what he could, and held fast the keep for two weeks with very few men standing beside him. The Emperor showed up, and for what was left justice was done.

The Emperor made Lady Xera the new Queen of the Keep before moving on to more pressing matters up north. As the news spread of her coronation so did the suitors start to call upon her hand. She decided most them weren't worthy of it, and needed to route them out. So she created a challenge.

In this challenge, all her would be suitors failed. Finally fed up with the procedings, and needing to show them up for the worthlessness of there offers she sent Nathaniel to complete the quest. He was diligent, and returned mush to the surprise of her suitors with a white dragon he had broken in himself two weeks later. Keeping true to her word she married Sir Nathaniel, and crowned him King.

She had to explain how some of the traditions were different to him, but he caught quickly enough. Even if he didn't understand the importence of First Night Rites. She had him setup campaign after campaign to cover the south while the Emperor had his armies busy to the North.

A great wizard known as Sassix Akiu had besieged the land. His dark arts brought forth the riders, and with them Judgement Day. For he wanted nothing more then to bring about the end of the world. Nathaniel could do nothing against this kind of sorcery. The Empire was overwhelmed. So he ordered the doors of his Keep closed. He took Xera into there bed chambers, told her to go to her safe place, and recited the incantation that Rora had taught him.

When Xera next knew what was happening she was aboard Ship. Nathaniel was telling her about the trial, and his new position in the Authority. How the world wasn't the one he had left behind, but it was still better then the Death, Desease, War, and Famine that had taken there world from him. For the last three years she has stood at Nathaniel side trying to be his emotional anchor, and often vanishes when things seem to be getting bad.

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