Julian Hallward

Real Name - Julian Hallward
Code Name -
Sex - Male
Age - 25
Mutations/Powers - Photographic memory as well as the ability to draw, paint, etc. anything he sees perfectly to the smallest detail. Extremely fast drawing hand. He also very good at analyzing facial movements and voices often being able to tell various details like attitude, truthfulness, appearances, health etc. just by looking or hearing a person. This also helps him when he’s analyzing machines and diagrams. One look at it and he could probably build the machine himself or find out what’s wrong with it. However if the technology is too advance it'll take time for him to backwards engineer and assimilate it. Using his abilties to analyze people and machines Julian managed to become an adept martial artist and a mechanical genius in a relatively short time. His abilities also allow him to read people's moves.

He's also an extremely good detective and escapologist.

Using his abilities he created several weapons for himself:

Repulsor Gun - Adapted from Stark Iron Man designs and improved through backwards engineering of Shiar technology. It has practically unlimited energy and doesn't have to be reloaded. Juilan himself can adjust the range, width of the beam, and the power of the gun telepathically (like cyclops visor). It's designed to be adjusted to match strength with his enemies and with killing being the last resort.

Light sabre (2): Hard light shiar technology adjusted to form the hilt of a sword. Julian can modify the length, width, and shape of the blade. He can also form it into a club, tonfa, or nun-chucks so he can just bash his opponents instead of cutting them apart. As strong as
secondary adamantium

Battlesuit: Enhances strength to seven ton range and speed to 50 miles per hour. Hyper leaping of ten meters in the air. Limited durability (mainly so he doesn't go splat when he hits the ground after jumping). Enhanced reflexes. Hides him from all forms of detection, radar, heat etc.

May also create other weapons and gagets as time goes on.

Look - Blond hair, blue eyes, squared jawed. Julian is a rather handsome individual. Tends to wear casual clothing, although on missions, he usually wears his battlesuit during missions. Which is basically a black lightweight body armour. He also wears a black trenchcoat. Out of missions he dresses very casually, with rock band t-shirts and jeans.

Personality - Best described as a scoundrel with a heart. Julian never takes anything seriously, slacking off during work and calling Jenny Marvel sweetcheeks. It can be said that the only person that can ever make him serious about his job is Wildfire, the person who taught him martial arts.

Julian is perhaps the most rebellious of the Authority. He understands the peoples fear of superpowers due to the fact that he's the weakest person on the team. He's rather cynical in a way, viewing the entire situation damned if we do and damned if we don't. He knows that if the Authority were to back off, superhuman crime and all the other terrors that used to inhabit the world will arise again. However he also knows that the Authority's rule is ultimately oppressive and wrong. The only reason he chosed the Authority over the Loners, is because he has friends in the Authority, nothing more, nothing less. Although he follows the Authority, he'll sometimes pull strings, or look the other way, when ordered to do something he thinks is wrong.


History: Julian grew up in a middle-class home, and lived a largely independent lifestyle. His parents didn’t particularly cared for him and ignored him, so he usually had to take care of himself. Since his parents ignored him all the time he was became rather bitter. When he discovered his mutant powers his parents shipped him off to Xavier’s institute right away so they could get rid of him.

Became friends with Farah and latered joined the New Mutants, mainly because Farah decided to apply as well. He didn't have any fighting abilities, so he couldn't join, however he did work under Forge, studying his designs and technology and managed to join the combat class. When the Onslaught incident happened Farah was killed in combat. Julian then became a more active, throwing himself into training, and studying how to use his New Abilities, at some point in this time he managed to contact Wildfire in the early stages of the Authority project and have her teach him. This got the attention of Nicolette, who offered him a position on the team, he accepted. Now seeing it all, seeing his friends becoming fearsome tyrants, he wondered if it was worth it.

Oh and Marcus. You all don't know him.

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