Joshua Pariah O Neill

Real Name: Joshua O'Neill
Codename: Pariah
Looks: 6'2, 210 lbs, in decent shape. His most defining feature are his cold, lifeless eyes.
Powers: The most substantial improvement to Mr. O'Neill's powers is that he can now induce permanent insanity to a victim if he focuses hard for around three minutes. The victim is reduced to a completely incompetent state, and rendered unable to function. The victim will lose all semblance of sanity, and will be grasped in an unimaginable horror.
Personality: Mr. O'Neill chooses to only respond to his codename, or the name "Mr. O'Neill." He feels no need for social contact, and will only refer to Authority members by their last names or codenames. His coworkers in the Authority know of his history, though aside from Jenny Marvel and the White Queen, they do not know of the memoir below.

From the White Queen's secret file, which was recovered at the burning remains of the O'Neill home. It is to remain confidential to all but the White Queen and Jenny Marvel.

My whole life I went out of the way trying to be special. Just when I got used to mediocrity, special came looking for me.

After living in the Xavier Institute for years I left to be on my own.
I left the Institute under pleasant circumstances, all things considered. There was no strife over it and not too much sorrow, at least none that I could see under the plastic smiles and empty platitudes of the people that were once my teammates. We all said we'd keep in touch, but we knew better. Even as kids, they were smarter than I gave them credit for; I can see that now. We never did keep in touch. So I left, and for the first time I was happy and self sufficient.

Alexia was a different story. We parted ways with the best of intentions, feeling that we had two completely different lives to live. It was a peaceful breakup, which ended in one last night together before I left the mansion. A few weeks later, Alexia found out that she was carrying my child. With all the useless machines I came up with, you'd think building a better condom would be child's play.

Lex took it pretty well, all things considered. Supposedly, he stopped trying to burn me to death after only a few days of trying to find me. Jubilee on the other hand, cut off all communication with Alexia, probably more angry at herself than at her daughter. They never did patch things up, despite my begging Alexia to try. The Serdens were always a stubborn family.

I'll never forget Rogue's voice when she called me with the news, I always thought there was something bubbling just under the surface. I like to think there was something in that voice, maybe lust, or the contemplation of missed chances. Hindsight tells me it was probably just plain old disappointment in a kid that should have been smart enough to keep it in his pants. I lost touch with her too, not for lack of trying on her part. I suspect she tried to keep tabs on all her old students, but I felt too ashamed to return her calls.

Alexia and I never did feel what you may call "true" love, but we made it work well enough. We did love each other, but I don't believe we were "In love" with each other. But my God, when we would look into our Mari's eyes, there were no other people in the world to make a life with. We loved each other for our daughter.

A few years down the line, Onslaught came and went. We had long made a life as civilians, to fight crime full time with a child would be irresponsible. I was just beginning to embrace mediocrity at this point. This was embodied perfectly by my coming home from the grocery while Alexia sat on the porch with baby Mari.

That was when rebels killed my family. My little girl was killed first, I believe. I heard my wife's screaming from a block away. By the time I reached home, the rebels were already dead. From what I could gather, there was a fight between them and the Authority, and my family was caught in the crossfire. It was at this point I decided the remainder of my time would be spent making this world safe with what little power I still had. No more families would be butchered in the streets as collateral damage. I decided to join the Authority to bring peace.

I write this as a final goodbye to my Alexia, my Mari, and to mark the end of my life. Fire will take our old home, and this memoir will mark my old self.

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