Joseph Warhead Olson

Name: Joseph Olson
Codename: Warhead
Sex: Male
Age: 24
Mutations/Powers - Joe's powers have increased immeasurably since his days in Gen-X. He now absorbs negative emotion on a city-wide scale, and can hold his charge near-indefinitely. He no longer glows when he absorbs energy (as this was nothing more than a subconscious safety indicator)…that is, unless it's dramatically appropriate.

The intensity of his blasts, as well, has ramped up sharply. He is more than capable of impaling normal humans with a very weak blast, and his strongest blasts…well, there's a reason for his codename.

He exhibits some degree of control over the shape of his blasts (can make them pointed, rounded, etc), as well as controlling their movement after they've been fired.

However, using his powers does still cause him a great deal of exhaustion, although not nearly as much as it did as a child. In protracted engagements, however, Joe runs the risk of becoming quite fatigued. …Joe does not often experience protracted engagements.

Joe also bears his trademark low-superhuman strength, capable of dead lifting nearly a ton.

Look - Joe has reached his full height of 7'. He has shed all of his previous flab (and indeed, almost all of the fat on his body. He maintains only enough to ensure proper health) and weighs an impressive 275 lbs of almost solid muscle. He has taken to wearing a short beard, but continues to keep up his very short crew cut. His voice has deepened further, and at times tends to be more of a rumble than a human voice.

He tends to wear form fitting black clothing in his off time, and usually wears a black
leather vest.

Personality - Of all of the members of the Authority, Joe is perhaps the least changed in terms of personality. Although he is less lighthearted than he was, he still does his best to lighten the burden on his fellow teammates. His love of wrestling and cooking has, if anything, only intensified in the past 10 years. He still has Rex, now an imposing (albiet aged) dingo with lightly greying fur. Joe has gotten more used to the idea of killing (more and more he's likin' the sound of it <_<), although he uses it only as a last resort.

History - (Just covering the new stuff)

After the events that led to the Authority running the world, Joe threw himself into developing his powers. When he wasn't with Nephy, or on assignment, he was in the Danger Room, increasing his control of his powers.

His efforts worked admirably. In a matter of years, he was exponentially stronger than he was before, power that Nicolette used to great effect. Joe became the Authority's version
of a tactical nuke, dropped into situations where large numbers of things/people needed to be reduced to tiny bits. Joe was exceedingly good at his job.

Joe got his new codename on what was supposed to be a routine engagement in Geneva. However, AIM had an ace up their sleeve, and soon the city was over-run with machines of destruction. Joe's standard blasts were doing very little to the beasts, and backup was still quite a way's away. Joe discharged fully, destroying all of AIM's toys…and leveling the greater part of the city.

During a rare quiet period after an extrodinarily dangerous engagement, Joe popped the question to Nephy. She accepted, and the two have lived happily together for the past 2 years.

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