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Real Name – Joe Olson
Code Name - Outburst
Sex - Male
Age (11-18) - 16
Team Affiliation - Generation X

Mutations/Powers – Absorbs negative emotions and converts them into concussive blasts. With concentration, he can absorb the emotions of a small number of people (1, 2 or 3 or so), but most of the time his absorption is unconscious (large groups or particularly strong emotions.) When faced with a large crowd experiencing violently negative emotions, Joe tends to "overload", spraying bolts of force randomly around him. While Joe, with concentration, can "hold in" the energy in this state, it is quite painful for him, and can in fact do serious damage to his body (muscular/skeletal damage mostly - torn or strained muscles, hairline fractures, or large tears and major fractures eventually)

Look – Joe is 6'4", 230 lbs, very round and chubby. He has black hair, which he wears in a crew cut, and he is clean shaven (and is a fanatic about remaining so…hates "5 o'clock shadow"). He tends to wear t-shirts (usually wrestling, amateur or professional) and jeans or athletic pants. He almost always wears sneakers, and hates getting more dressed up than his usual attire.

He has a big, broad grin and huge dimples, and a massive double-chin. He's actually very self-conscious about his weight, and tends to dress in dark colors to try to hide it.

Since joining the Xavier Institute, Joe has shed some fat and added some muscle. He was also injured, and as a result has scars all over his torso, and a long scar above his right eye.

Personality – Joe is very happy-go lucky and outgoing, for the most part, and is very loyal to his friends. However, he can be a bit of a hard-ass when it comes to leadership situations. He's a fabulous natural leader, but is rarely chosen for a leadership position because of his slow wit and goofy "gentle giant" behavior.

He's a little slow-witted, and doesn't pick up very well on sarcasm. Course language, especially of a sexual nature, makes him go all blushy and respond with nervous chuckles or awkward little jokes. He abhors silence, and will fill it with whatever idle chatter comes to mind. He has amassed a nearly encyclopedic knowledge of amateur and professional wrestling, and is an avid watcher of both. He will not hesitate to share this knowledge, even with the unwilling.

Joe loves to cook for people (almost more than he loves to eat), and is very good at it. Regretably, most of the meals he has cooked for people have ended in disaster.

History – Joe's powers first manifested at 12, during a very heated argument between his parents. After running up the stairs and hiding in his room, he noticed his hands glowing. Without warning, a bolt of force lept from him and destroyed a decorative ornament (A "Precious Moments" figurine, if you must know). When his parents came up to investigate, Joe said that he was horsing around and knocked it off the table. (Note that this argument was not the norm in Joe's household, and 99.99% of the time his parents are happy people and very loving towards each other, Joe and his sister.)

He joined the wrestling team in his freshman year of high school, and was made Junior Varsity captain at the beginning of his sophomore year. Completely against his usual character, he was a stern taskmaster for the junior varsity, although their win record improved tremendously.

Having kept his powers hidden until the middle of his sophomore year, Joe was happy in his school life, if not exactly thriving in the classroom. On the 8th day of the spring semester of his sophomore year, though, a group of disturbed students (sick of being made fun of by everyone, including Joe) brought guns to school and began shooting up the halls. The fear and hate and anger was too much for Joe, who first began glowing and then spraying force bolts everywhere. His sister Cory (Cordelia Olson) was struck by one of the bolts. The blast and resulting impact of her hitting the stair rail left her paralyzed from the waist down (against typical X-Men angst, she harbors no resentment towards Joe and understands that it wasn't his fault.) Joe tortures himself daily with the guilt that he crippled his sister, inadvertently or not.

Naturally, his "outburst" gained the attention of the news media, as well as Professor Charles Xavier, who persuaded Joe (after a conference with his parents) into joining with the New Mutants, to develop better control of his powers.

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