Izabella Wildfire Matrioshka

Name: Izabella Matrioshka
Codename: Wildfire
Sex: Female
Age: 27

Mutations/Powers: Though Wildfire once had the ability to control and generate fire, she's long since had that ability removed, due to surgery from Carmen Rosewell. She still retains her resistance to fire, though.

Wildfire's natural arms are gone and replaced with a pair of bionic limbs; akin to the one possessed by Misty Knight, though with notable differences. Whereas Misty's arm is made from a combination of Antartic Vibranium and diamond, Wildfire's arms are armored with adamantium, with Wakandan Vibranium strategically added to absorb impact. They possess enough power to generate about ten tons worth of punching and crushing power, though lifting things is another matter - since only her arms are enhanced and her body is still mostly flesh and blood, she can't lift more than body could support.

Besides pure power, Wildfire added a number of tricks; the device whic allowed her to generate hard light weapons at will has been built into both arms, and she can often be seen dual-wielding numerous weapons. The Vibranium in her arms absorbs any recoil, so she can wield even the most powerful weapons with one hand and little fear of hurting herself. The arms have retractable claws in each finger, allowing her to scale walls or use as an extra weapon, and they can generate electric charges in short burst. They feed off on her body's internal energy for power, so there's no need to recharge them unless Wildfire's in a particularly cold environment.

Wildfire also has some Wakandan Vibranium in the soles of her shoes. This allows her to survive a fall from any height, so long as she lands on her feet.

Wildfire was, and still is, a formidable hand-to-hand and weapon based opponent, and she's only improved over time. She's also became quite experienced in the art of interrogation.

In her spare time, Wildfire keeps track of the 125, a group of superheroes that report to her around the world. These superheroes usually act atonomously, but she trains them all on the side, and she keeps them all inside her network for simple coordination. For instance, if a superhero in Puerto Rico is having trouble with anything, he calls Wildfire, who then sees what superheroes around his area are available to help, and which superheroes are best for the situation. She then has them join up with the other superhero and coordinate. It's proven to be an effective idea so far, and she's working on making it large scale.

Look: Wildfire remains largely the same as far as looks go; her hair's longer (at Nicolette's request) and she still wears black. Her clothing design has changed ever since the accident, though; she wears long black pants, black boots, a black tube top, black gloves and, most importantly, a black jacket. She sites it as her attempt to be stylish, but it's really more to cover up the bionic arms and the scars she incured from the Onslaught incident. The ensemble makes her look a bit bigger than the old Wildfre, and she is a bit more muscular, but there is no major difference.

Personality: It took getting her arms blown off to do it, but Wildfire has finally mellowed out.

She still has a sort of authoritarian air about her; she doesn't care much for jokes in serious time, she strives to be the best at what she does, she tries to plan ahead whenever possible - but, on the whole, she's much relaxed. She occasionally speaks in slang, keeps up with certain TV shows (she has a secret love for things in the space opera genre, like Battlestar Galactica and Gundam), isn't above drinking on occasion and is actually a big videogame fan, favoring bullet fests like Devil May Cry 3 and Halo.

The new world order fits perfectly with her view of things, so there was little need for personal change; she embraced the regime with open arms and implemented quite a few of the changes with her new hands. She's been very active about stopping threats before they form, completing a number of assassinations on fledgling rebels. Despite her rather dark business, she has an oddly nuetral attitude about it; she has no shame in discussing the details of any assasination.

Wildfire has one new chink in her armor, though, and it's ironically her biggest improvement - the bionic arms. She wears clothing specifically designed to cover them up, not because she's disgusted by the arms themselves, but by the incident in which she gained them. Seeing them reminds her of all the people she failed to protect, and she constantly keeps them out of sight.

The only person she'll even talk about with them to is Nicolette, whom she lives with. While the two are now living together and are quite happy, Wildfire secretly wishes they would take the relationship to the next step: marriage, and possibly adoption. Wildfire's been considering a slower life in ten or so years, and has some lofty dreams of raising a family.

History: Wildfire was found in the middle of a, well, wildfire in Venezuela; a young baby in the inferno’s fiery center, engulfed by the flames but not consumed. The blaze was extinguished and the baby was saved, but the firefighters had no idea what to do with her. She was obviously a mutant, and they all had different opinions on that.

Fortunately, it wasn’t left for them to decide; HYDRA, who had been monitoring the situation, came in and took the child. For ten years she was trained under them and fed their rhetoric, being bred to be an effective weapon when the time came. Wildfire grew tired of this life, though, because she was often deprived on the incredible stimulus she received from her powers. Her cravings eventually drove her to destroy the base and escape.

For a while she was on the run and HYDRA was on her heels; finding her was a simple matter of following the trail of inexplicable fires that she created while running across America. Her running came to an end, though, when she hooked up with the group known as the Hellions. Though her time at the Hellfire Club was tumultous, Wildfire did make a number of friends there, especially Nicolette, whom she would later become deeply invovled with.

Due to Shinobi Shaw's incompetance, the group was eventually disbanded, but reformed in the X-Mansion under the tutelege of Emma Frost. Wildfire's tenure on the team was cut short, however, when Kitty Pryde drafted her over to the Hellions. She became the leader of the team, taking them on numerous missions.

During the Onslaught episode, Wildfire was temporarily separated from Generation X and found herself trying to protect a neighborhood of innocent humans from incoming sentinels. She was completely overwhelmed and failed; not only did the entire neighborhood die, but she lost both her arms in the process and a rather large chunk of her right shoulder. She entered in a coma, and when she awoke, the world had irrevocably changed: Many superheroes were dead, and Nicolette was pushing for a new world order, one that focused on absolute control.

She joined without a second thought.

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