Real Name - Daniel Barton
Code Name - Incendiary
Sex - Male
Age - 17
Mutations/Powers - Pyrokinesis. He has the ability to create,manipulate and absorb fire.Can manipulate anything thing with flame particles in it(ex. burnt fuel,basically anything that has been on fire(liquids and gases)).However, he must strike arm on a rough surface to activate powers. Also has an abnormally high body temperature. This gives him immunity to most diseases.
Very good with bows due to his relationship with Hawkeye.

Look (describe your characters' height, weight, preferred clothing, etc) - He is 6'3" 193 pounds(For reference, Champ Bailey but white and taller). He has a very athletic build due to constantly working out and playing HS football. He has spiked brown hair and blue eyes. He tends to wear preppier clothes but he wears sports jerseys, band tees and "skater clothes" sometimes.

Personality - Daniel is the complete opposite of a preppy high school football star. He doesn't look like it,but he is very shy around girls. He isn't much of a leader,even on the field. He is always looking to see what someone else is doing before he does it. He likes to talk about sports alot. He is always reading about football and hockey,so naturally he knows just about everything.

History: Daniel's powers first manifested when he was 14,at a ski trip in Colorado. He was snowboarding down a mountain when out of nowhere,there was an avalanche. Daniel was struck by a large rock before getting buried by snow,almost killing him. This impact however, caused his powers to manifest. His body shot out huge fireballs, blowing up the mountain and melting all the snow.
40 people were killed by falling chunks of the mountain and by being incinerated,so obviously the event was on the news. After seeing the news, Daniel's parents kicked him out of the house.

He hitched his way to New York,hoping to find someone who could help him. Failing to,he decided to stay in a homeless shelter near Avengers Mansion. When a nearby school was attacked by Hydro Man, Scorpion and Electro, Daniel was right near it,so he decided to help. He singled handedly beat Hydro Man by boiling him and The Avengers took care of the others. After the battle, Hawkeye confronted him and asked him where he was from. Daniel told him he had no home,so Hawkeye agreed to adopt him.
Daniel lived in Avengers Mansion for a very short time,leaving after accidently severly burning Stingray. He encounters Professor Xavier,who offers to take him in. He is offered membership in the New Mutants which he accepts.

Significant Issues
Avengers #265- First appearance

Untold Tales of The New Mutants #1- First appearance as a New Mutant

Gen-X #1 - First Appearance as Gen-X member

Gen-X #3 - Savage Land

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