The Hellions #22 - Promethean Night - Act of God
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The Hellions #22 - Promethean Night - Act of God


Cover Art: The Hellions staring up at the heavens - what they're looking at remains specifically obscured.

Act of God - When a God rises, what can the Hellions do to keep her rage at bay? What will come of the almost cult-like gathering that has formed in her wake? And what do the Avengers have to do with all of this?

Guest Starring: The Avengers (as for the others… they're as of yet unconfirmed)!

Written by: Grant Morrison and Joe Kelly.
Pencillers: David Hedgecock and Greg Guler (cover art)
Colorists: Dustin Evans and Stephanie Lostimolo (cover art).

Release Date: TBA (some point next week variable: player availability).

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