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Post by Amelia "Heaven" Chow on Jan 19, 2007, 2:35pm

Cover image: A giant T-Rex attacking Star and Ixnay

Title: Second (or maybe fourth) date

Written cooperatively with Sephula.

It had been a few days since Kelly promised Jay another date, and Jay still had almost no idea what to do. Couldn't be anything too opulent, and couldn't be Central Park at night again, for obvious reasons. At the last minute, he decided to take her to the American Museum of Natural History off Central Park. During the day, they didn't really need to worry about a Venom repeat, and it still allowed them to see a little of the park. So he left note with her to meet at the front of the Club at eleven on Saturday, dressed down.

After reading his note, Kelly frantically got ready, taking a shower and then putting on some clothes she’d bought just a few days before. Her closet was starting to look a little less empty – not by much, though. After getting ready, she flew out to meet Jay at the front of the Club. Hovering above, it didn’t take her long to spot him and set down besides him.

Jay smiled at Kelly. "Hey you," he said with a grin. "Sorry for taking your line, but I felt someone had to say it."

Kelly smiled back. "Hey yourself. It's not like I copyrighted it or anything."

Jay offered her his arm. "I hope this doesn't freak you out too bad, but we're headed towards the park again. Don't worry, we're not really going in…just to the American Museum of Natural History, on the verge of the Park. It's always a cool thing to see, and I thought you might enjoy it. I'll buy lunch on the way…there are delis, and of course the ever-present hot dog vendors. Whatever you want."

Kelly’s eyes widened when Jay mentioned the park, but as he continued she felt reassured. “Natural History? Sounds like fun! And lunch would be great – I didn’t get a chance to eat breakfast. Anything vegetarian,” she said with a smile. Indicating with a wave of her arm in the direction that they went last time, she continued. “Shall we?”

Jay led them towards the park. "I didn't realize you were a vegetarian. Ovo-lacto, vegan, after the fall, or is it a 'only eat meat you trust' thing? Because there are plenty of places for all of those different possibilities. If you're not after the fall or anything, there's a good Mediterranean place with a lot of vegetarian stuff…hummus, grape leaves, that sort of thing."

Kelly followed Jay, and with a little hop, was floating slightly above the floor. “It’s pretty much just a ‘meat I trust’ thing – ‘cept pork. I don’t eat any pork.”

"I can understand that. I don't particularly care for swine myself." Jay was somewhat tempted to ask if she was Jewish, but remembered that religion was one of the topics you should never bring up. "I'll take you to the Mediterranean place. Plenty of stuff for you there."

Jay walked a few blocks, expertly navigating the streets of New York, before coming to a small hole in the wall Mediterranean bistro, with a huge menu done on blackboards over the counter, just below the ceiling. "It may not look like much, but believe me when I say that this place is absolutely wonderful." There was an incredibly long line to be served, even at just after 11. "Don't let it get to you. The place is fast, too. We'll just be here ten, fifteen minutes tops."

It wasn’t long before they were being served, and they were sat down eating.

“This is nice…” Kelly commented softly, with a smile. “I’m glad we decided to do this,” she added, picking playfully at her food.

"Yeah, it's a little more intimate than the Russian Tea Room, huh?" Jay smiled back. "You know, sometimes it feels like I grew up here in New York…even though I technically lived in Rhode Island, two states away. That is, if you count Rhode Island as a state…some people don't. Where are you from, if you don't mind me asking?"

Kelly’s smile changed from one of joy to one of sadness. “I used to live in Chicago – though I only lived there for about a month or so. We – me and my family – lived in Britain. South eastern area – called East Anglia. My parents lived quite liberally, and they wanted a change. They couldn’t decide where to move – America or Holland. They asked me to decide.”

Jay didn't exactly know how to respond. "If you don't want to talk about it, it's okay." He reached over the table and held her hand, gently. "I was just trying to make conversation. I honestly didn't realize…"

Giving his hand a light squeeze, she replied. “No, I know. It’s alright. You didn’t know.”

After letting silence reign for a moment, Jay decided to change the subject. "So. Natural History Museum. It's pretty cool, I think you'll like it. Pretty famous too…it has the biggest and most well-preserved T-Rex skeleton, and the Star of India, and just a lot of other things. Now, technically, we can go in free for a variety of reasons: my parents are donors, for one, and we're students, for another, and finally, because the admission price is suggested, not required. When the Museum was founded, they made an agreement with the city to never charge admission. But, I feel bad for going there without paying since I certainly can afford to give them something, so I'll cover us."

“Sounds great! I can’t wait to see the Tyrannosaur skeleton – when I was little I had a little bit of… an obsession with dinosaurs.” She tilted her head to the side, oddly. Perhaps she just wanted to see how things looked like at an angle. “I wanted to be a paleontologist,” she added, beaming.

“Should we go?”

"Sure!" Jay stood, and once again took her arm. "If you are interested in paleontology, then I think you'll love the Museum. There are plenty of dinosaurs and such, as well as a quite a bit of things of different eras and whatnot. I kind of had a desire to be an Indiana Jones type when I was a kid, so I went there a lot to kind of imagine what it would be like."

After walking a few blocks, they made it to the Museum, with Jay paying admission. They strode inside, immediately confronted with the Tyrannosaur, among other dinosaur skeletons.

"Wow," said Kelly. "That's perfect."

Suddenly, the exterior gates to the Museum descended, and an alarm sounded. Shouts echoed from an adjacent hall, followed by Spider-Man jumping out, latching onto a dinosaur with a web and ascending towards the ceiling. On his back was a web-wrapped package about the size of an ostrich egg.

"Somebody stop him! That menace stole the Star of India!"

"That's not Spider-Man," said Jay, quietly. "Whatever he is, he doesn't have any powers. At all."

“That quick on the ball?” Kelly asked Jay. “You’re good. Come on!” Grabbing his hand, she lifted up into the air and flew after the faux Spider-man. When she came close to catching up to him, he threw down some sort of bomb, followed by a glaring flash of light.

“Bet you can’t catch me now!” came a voice through the light.

“Silly rabbit. Tricks are for kids! You’re going to try and blind ME?” Kelly replied, following on through the light.

“I don’t think flying through this is a good idea!” Jay exclaimed. He turned out to be right, as the imposter threw down another bomb which released a large amount of smoke, causing Kelly to fly straight into a wall and drop Jay. Luckily, they were only five feet up.

As they disentangled and looked back around, the scenario around them seemed to have changed. Instead of Spider-Man, there was a green and purple clad man with a large glass sphere on his head. And he appeared to be…riding the T-Rex? Which seemed to be responding to his commands.

"You amateur superheroes are no match for Mysterio! And you cost me a bonus by forcing me to relinquish my disguise! Prepare to face my wrath!"

"Myster-what?" said Jay. "Who the hell is this guy?"

"I don't know," Kelly mused, "but I can tell you that about half of what he's doing is holographic. But he's got some kind of wire network through the skeleton that he's using…not everything is fake."

The massive mouth descended towards them, and they rolled out of the way at the last minute.

"That didn't seem fake," said Jay.

"No, it wasn't. But we have to be careful…especially with such an important skeleton! We'll have to finish this guy quick."

Rising into the air again, Kelly flew through the Tyrannosaur’s mouth and exited underneath the spine, flying on to the top of the skeleton, grabbing Mysterio.

“I have to ask… why with the fish bowl?” Kelly asked, setting Mysterio down next to Jay.

"I, also, wonder about the fish bowl…and why you mix green and purple. Did you buy your costume off the discount rack?" quipped Jay.

"You fools!" shouted Mysterio. "It assists me in doing…this!"

Another smoke bomb went off, momentarily surprising the Hellions. When the smoke cleared, they were surrounded by fifteen Mysterios. "By the time you discover which one is real, I will be long gone!"

Kelly casually projected a ray of light along the side of the hall, nailing another Mysterio who had been attempting to run away. "Your light tricks might fool some, but not me."

Jay quickly ran over, made sure Mysterio was out, and grabbed the stolen sapphire, handing it to the museum guards, who thanked the pair of them profusely and then went about their business, as if such things happened here daily.

"You know, I'm beginning to feel a little more inadequate around you," he said to Kelly with a smile.

“How so? You’re not into that whole, big, macho man saving the day and, with it, the damsel in distress, are you?” Kelly returned the smile – though she’d probably be smiling anyway.

Jay laughed slightly. "Not so much, no, but it would help to feel at least, I don't know, useful. If we're going to run into lame villains, I wish we'd run into one I'd be useful against. Like maybe Rhino or something. Anyway, let's go see the rest of the museum. It seems to have cleared out quite a bit."

Hand in hand, they walked through the rest of the evolution display, a massive hall that contained various animal skeletons, diaramas, and occasionally a stuffed example, grouped by age. "I always liked this part," said Jay, "It makes me think of how the earth has changed over thousands of years. In a life that sometimes seems artificially significant, I like to see a display that gives me some true perspective on it all."

“It makes it all pale, though, don’t you think? What we do today? What we remember with fear or with longing about yesterday? What we have to do about tomorrow? What we dread about tomorrow? Every coming day, and every coming act… It makes you wonder if it matters.”

Jay sighed somewhat wistfully. "That's part of the charm of it, though, isn't it? It takes the pressure off. For instance, millions of years from now, it won't matter if I do this."

He turned to Kelly and attempted to kiss her deeply. Very startled by the kiss, she didn't resist, and after a moment, she kissed him back.

To the two young mutants, the kiss seemed to take a very long time. When it finally broke, they briefly stood, looking at each other, unsure of what to say or do.

"Sorry if that was a little…forward," said Jay. "But I figured I could get away with it on the…is this the third date? I'm really not sure anymore."

"Do hospital trips and make-up sessions on the beach count?" Kelly laughed. "I'm glad you did, Jay. Though, how do these things always happen when I'm around you?" she indicated in the direction where they encountered Mysterio. "I think you're a bad influence on me, Mr Livingston," she said, laughing again.

Jay laughed with her. "It's not like I fought supervillains every day before we met. Maybe it's YOU who are the bad influence with ME. And hospital trips don't count, but maybe the beach does. I don't know."

He paused slightly. "But there's another thing I wanted to mention real quick. I'm really sorry I panicked and got completely useless in Meghan's room the other day. It's just…when I'm not expecting something like that, I sometimes shut down. I'm glad she turned out okay, but I feel guilty for not doing more."

"Well, the important thing is that she's fine, isn't it? Don't worry about it. She's fine," Kelly responded, kissing him again.

Jay returned the kiss, then said, "I have a bit of a…possibly mischievious idea. Let's go to the attached planetarium. We can continue this discussion with a little more privacy and comfort there, if you know what I mean." He gave her another quick kiss, and a slight wink.

"Okay," Kelly responded, not actually having any idea what Jay meant.

Once inside the nearly empty planetarium, as the lights dimmed and stars appeared above, Jay leaned over to kiss her again, longer and more passionately.

Startled for the second time in the night by the same thing, Kelly reacted similarly to before - this time, receiving the kiss a little awkwardly and returned it, a little hesitantly at first.

After the kiss, Jay leaned back slightly, putting his arm around Kelly and drawing her closer to him. "Thank you for giving me another chance. And thank you for fighting supervillains that I'm remarkably ineffective against."

Laughing, Kelly responded. "The supervillains are just part of the fun." She smiled brightly. "Thank you for trying to change for me. That's more than anyone should ask. That's more than anyone is worth asking."

Jay smiled back. "Thank you for making me want to change. I didn't really like who I was, to be honest, but I thought it was who I had to be. You've helped me learn differently."

She laughed again. "This is beginning to feel a bit like the beach all over again! I'm sure this isn't what you'd prefer to be doing or talking about right now," she said softly.

Blushing slightly, he responded, "Well…no. But I'm pretty sure that if I tried to do what I would prefer to do, I'd either get slapped or get us kicked out of here." He gave an impish grin.

Giving him a confused, quizzical look, she looked around them before looking back at him.

Jay blushed again. "Um, it was a joke about public immodesty and such…I didn't really mean…" He slunk down slightly, looking embarrassed.

"Mean what?" she asked naively, obviously not having understood the joke in the first place.

"Sometimes, I wonder how much is you actually being naive, and how much is you trying to make me squirm. It was a…sexual innuendo joke." Jay blushed deeper.

"Oh. Is that all?" she replied with a shrug, rolling her eyes and doing a good job of covering up the fact that she was feeling a bit stupid for not getting it.

"I guess." Jay paused slightly. "You know, you're a tough one to figure out. I have absolutely no idea what to do right now. It's sort of exciting and terrifying at the same time. You're just so different…in a good way…from anyone else I've ever met." He began to softly stroke her hair.

"Well…" she started, looking aside, smiling, "… just relax. Do what you want when it comes to you. Learn to be yourself more often and more freely…"

That sounded an awful lot like an invitation to Jay, and he leaned towards Kelly, kissing her again deeply and passionately, and beginning to touch her thigh.

Sliding his hand off of her thigh, she pushed him away lightly and began to walk away, having given him an odd look.

He didn't immediately know what to make of that. He had thought that Kelly had just given, essentially, the all clear signal. She was a few feet away when he finally got himself mentally together enough to stand up and quickly follow her. "Wait…wait…I'm sorry."

"For what?" she asked, turning around and looking at him blankly. Clearly, this time she was trying to make him squirm.

Jay's eyes dropped to the floor. "Um. For moving too fast, I guess. I thought that…well, I completely misunderstood what you were saying. I'm sorry."

Throwing her head back, Kelly laughed again. "So now you know what it's like to be me - though, confused about other things, I guess."

He was completely bewildered by this turn of events. If she thought he had moved too fast, shouldn't she still be upset? If not, why did she break off in the first place? Looking back at her, he managed a bit of a bashful smile. "I think what I like about you the most is that you always keep me guessing. And I really would never have used the word 'confused' to describe you. What makes you say that?"

She moved and sat back down next to him. "Well… it's pretty much just the day to day stuff. The stuff everyone knows. The stuff everyone says, everyday. Little things, big things… I just tend not to understand what anyone says," she replied with a smile.

He paused, somewhat surprised. "I never would have guessed that at all. Well, I mean sort of, but it just seems like you're on your own…wavelength or something. To be honest, I think it's one of the things I like most about you. It's…exotic, in a way."

She shook her head, still beaming. "Being on my own wavelength… not much different from 'zoned out' or 'spacey'."

He smiled back. "That's not really what I meant. I meant more like…unique. Now there's a word you can't find defamatory synonyms for, right?"

Kelly looked on pensively. "Well… Erebus is unique. Magneto is unique. Lots of people like that are unique." She smile mischievously. "But now I'm just trying to annoy you."

"I suppose I deserve a little annoyance." Jay smiled. "Well, I think we've done enough damage here for a day, or Mysterio did, or whatever. Ready to head back?"

"Sure. I don't see why we should inflict any more worry on these poor people," Kelly replied, nodding vehemently.

Jay offered her his arm, and they went back to the Hellfire Club. "So, who you figure next time? Boomerang? The Kangaroo?"

Re: Hellions Unlimited #7
Post by Dillon Drummond on Jan 19, 2007, 5:02pm

Cute fic you two. Nice to see Jay and Kelly's relationship growing and all that jazz.

Re: Hellions Unlimited #7
Post by Protoman on Jan 19, 2007, 5:03pm

Yeah, all that is pointless now anyway.

Re: Hellions Unlimited #7
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And who's fault is that?

Re: Hellions Unlimited #7
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Jay's…. >_>

Re: Hellions Unlimited #7
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It takes two to Tango.

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True. It's always the man's fault. Always.

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She took advantage of him just as much as he did her.

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Well, to hear Dusk tell it, she slipped and fell on his…

Never mind.

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Speaking of that, we need to hammer out exactly what they…did….

Get on AIM.

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Don't have time. I leave it in your hands.

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