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Hellions Unlimited #17 ~ A Rogue's Tale
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Hellions Unlimited #17

Cover: Spider-man's mask on a pike, with the mouth torn off and the eye-pieces poked out

Title: A Rogue's Tale

Note: I'm not entirely sure how true I was to the villain here, so there's a good chance I underdid it as well as mischaracterised the villain.


It’s almost funny that any of these losers actually think they can hold me. That this thing is gonna keep me from feeding them their entrails. Scratch that, it’s fucking hilarious.

They think they have me bound. They think they have me down. They think that I’m just some other little homicidal loser. A normal little girl – well, as normal as someone gets kicks out of eviscerations. Maybe if I was, then trussing me up like a trout off and dropping me off in the backseat of their patrol car would have been enough. Maybe. Dunno. I’m a pretty resourceful girl.

Well, at least they’re not all wrong. They’re right about the homicidal part at least. I can hear them whispering. Move close enough and I’m pretty sure I could hear their hearts beating.

I do just that. I don’t really move at all. Well… it is me, but not. It’s you, isn’t it? It (being you in some ways and me in others) presses up against the car door, staying below the line of sight from the window and listening intently to the outside of the car where the two cops who brought me down are radioing back to the station. It’s pretty unimpressive – their attempt at secrecy. One of them’s ranting on… something about “keep that psycho down” and something about killing one of them. Heh. They wanted to put me down on the spot. Hard to do when I surrendered right after killing that guy. I made it quick. Knife into the heart. They’ve gotta be grateful for that, at least.

They go on, but it’s drowned out by their heartbeats. Thump-thump. Thump-thump. Thump-thump. Delectable. I smirk slightly. I can’t help it, really… Shh… I know. I know. You’ve got to be quiet now, though. Just for a moment. They’re coming back. Don’t get too excited, love. You’ll get your fill in just a moment.

One of them rests his hand on the door handle, ready to yank it open with a little more force than necessary. I have to restrain myself from acting right away. It’s hard; altogether too easy to lose myself to bloodlust. We have that in spades. But I have to resist – for the moment at least. That extra heartbeat always makes it that much sweeter.

He opens the car door and slumps over slightly. It’s a funny sight, really. The look on his face. Complete shock, and when he feels himself slipping; when he realizes that he’s falling off of this mortal coil, his expression drowns in pure, unadulterated fear. Strong enough to turn every hair on his head white, even the small ones near the base of his neck. He doesn’t have long enough for even one to lose its colour. The look on his face tells me all I need to know; a policeman, facing murders and rapists every single day, and he still hadn’t come to terms with his own mortality. A shame. For him, at least. For me, that look is the best part of the simple kills.

These Police Academy rejects had no clue who I am. Sucks to be them.

“Sam, what the hell?!”

His partner gapes at… Sam, I guess his name was, and watches him as his lifeless body drops to the floor. It’s a fun sight. It’ll be a fun memory. I have a couple of dozen others like it. Still, you can never have too many. Falling off of it, he leaves a razor sharp tentacle bare, pointed at his partner.

Poor retards. This isn’t even remotely challenging. I can’t help but almost feel sorry for them. Almost.

They’re just a way for me to get from one place to the next.

I promised you some fun. Come on, then. Take your fill. We’ll do it together.

It’s a rush every single time. You can feel it too, can’t you? An adrenaline high. Blood pumping through my veins; I can feel my muscles surging with energy. Your strength running through me, and my strength running through you… we’re a perfect whole together, and as I’m submerged in you, it occurs to me that I wouldn’t ever have it any other way. I can’t go back again. Back to life without you. I’ll never do it.

But so long as we keep on having fun together, I’ll never have to worry about that, will I?

I can see the terror in his eyes; they almost bulge out of his head when I jump out of the car at him. Do you think it’s the way we look now that scares him, my love? He gets a clumsy shot off before turning around to run away from us. Aiming a gun must be harder than it looks on TV; he misses completely. He’s not a good runner, either. It takes a heartbeat to catch up with him and slam his head against the floor. I know. We counted.

I turn him over so that I can look him in the eyes, but all I find is disappointment. The fear doesn’t show anymore. He won’t let it. This one is ready for death.

And that’s no fun, is it?

I push head back, baring his neck and pressing my teeth against them.

“Scream for me.”


I need air.

In the Mansion, it feels kind of… claustrophobic, that’s the word. Claustrophobic. It’s… what would Ms. Rogue say? ‘Busier than a’ … something or other. Can never remember those.

Dr. McCoy’d be really upset to know I’m going out. Disappointed, more like. And then he’d give me one of those looks, like I’ve let him down. The looks that make you feel really small inside? That one. But I really need to get out, if just for a little while.

I need air. And I need ice cream.

And I know the perfect place to go.


A quaint little ice cream parlour. Pretty. This could be a good place to start.

I walk in and bask in the possibilities here. It’s packed. Little kids, teens in love, the odd family here and there, and even some people who’ve just come to have a quiet ice cream alone. I love it. The place just bleeds of happy, happy, fun time. And I’m gonna bleed it dry.

Come on out, love. We’ll shake this place all night long.

I let out a low hiss to get everyone’s attention. Sure enough, they all turn around and stare. Perfect. You spray out of me slowly, running over me again. It’s just as good as the last time. Only this time, we do it… slow. Slow enough that we get to watch the terror in their eyes as we show them what we really look like. Slow enough that I get to see some of the weaker ones quake in fear before I tear them in two.

It amazes me that something as beautiful as we are can be seen as ugly to them.

We grab the closest one by the neck and dangle him above us in the air. He shrieks. It’s drowned out by everyone else screaming at the same time, merging together in one beautiful cacophony. Fuck Beethoven. This is music.

Open wide, my love.


I touch down gently, but there’s something wrong here. People screaming. Running out of the parlour in a panic. I take an ephemeral glance behind me, just to make sure it’s not like this everywhere.

The kind old man who owns the place barrels out as fast as he can; which is surprisingly fast at his age. Comes straight at me. Grabs my shoulders.

“Kelly, there’s a monster in there!” He warns me. The words are drenched in fear.

A monster…

“Sir, get away from here as quickly as possible.” Having said that, I take his hands off of my shoulders gently and push the door open, stepping into the parlour. Stepping into something wet. Sticky. Is that… blood?


And in through the door walks another playmate. Aw, she’s a sweet li’l girl. Fun. And she looks delicious. She stares down at the ground in horror, looking at all the bodies. Kids, adults, women alike. A maiming here, a dismemberment there… hell, I think there’s a disembowelment or two somewhere around here. The girl looks up and she gets this little frown on her face. Probably trying to look a little threatening, too. It’s cute, really, it is.

She doesn’t seem scared, though, I’ll give her that much. It’s almost admirable. Of course, now that you’re not on me anymore, I’m a little less terrifying.

I shrug lightly and grin, blood dripping from my mouth. It’s not mine. I lick some of it away, and pluck the gristle out of my teeth. Note to self; skip the feet next time.

“Would you believe it’s just a nervous twitch?” My grin widens as shock spreads across her face, stunned by my unrepentant audacity. Or she could just be constipated.

She’d have to be functionally retarded to not see I’m up to no good. The blood pooled around her feet, as well as the blood pooled around mine make it a little hard for her to- wait, she’s gonna say something. This should be funny.

My gleeful expression wavers for a moment when I realise she’s not about to speak. She’s throwing up instead. That’s… that’s so disappointing. The girl looks back up at me, with a hint of that little righteous anger rap in her eyes. Seen it enough times in heroes. Right before I show them their innards. So I guess she’s one of that kind. That means this could be more fun that I thought.

She keeps up with the look. It’s surprising; not many people can stare a stone killer in the eye. I wouldn’t expect it from someone who just threw up after seeing my handiwork. She braces herself – spreads her legs apart, standing strong – and… is she glowing? That could… whatever she’s gonna hit me with could actually hurt.

That’s a bit of a turn on. A little pain is always fun. I wait expectantly, but nothing comes.

Well, what do you know? She faltered. Stupid girl.

The girl’s slammed into by you, my better half, and she drops like a sack of bricks, blood trickling down from the side of her head. I’ll take my time. I’m gonna have fun with her.

Alright. Alright, fine. You can have first taste. Just… make it last.

It’s hard to do nothing but watch when you run a bladed tentacle down the side of her face, softly cutting her cheek, more blood trickling down her face, onto her neck. It’s mesmerising, and at the same time, it’s almost enough to drive me into a frenzy. Everyone else in here went quickly. We’ll end her slow. This time, it’s art.

I move slowly closer as you lap the blood up. It makes me wonder. I’m almost one with you – both of us, we’re only whole together. And still, I don’t have any clue where the blood you’re lapping up so hungrily goes. I continue moving closer, to rejoin with you, until a noise makes me stop mid-stride. A falter in my step. The sound gives both of us pause. Thwip.

Thwip? Aw, no…

I spin around, and sure enough, he’s standing right there. Spider-man. I wait for the wise-crack, but it doesn’t come. Of course it doesn’t. I forget that he doesn’t have any patience with symbiotes… though; the desecrated bodies, now lying all around him, could have something to do with that.

“You make me sick, Scream.” It’s in the tone of his voice, and no less than I’d expect. Intimidating and imposing at the same time. Sometimes, when I get caught up in the games, I forget how impressive he actually is, and how much he deserves the respect all of his rogues have for him. Not that we’d ever let him know.

I glance over at you, but you know it as well as I do – neither of us is fast enough. Even if we move together, neither of us will get to the other in time. So I do the only thing I can do. I sigh.

“Okay. You got me. We both know what’s coming next.”

I see his fist. I see red. I see black…


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Well I don't know how Scream is portrayed in the comics, but reading it here I'd say she lives up to her name.

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