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Cover: Shaman floating in front of a sun set, his jacket and hair being blown by the wind as he holds a joint between his fingers, a coyote sits obediently beside him.

Title: Tribesman part 1

Written by: "Iconic" Grey Scherl
Pencilled by: "Ragtag" Rags Morales
Inked by: "Marvelous" Michael Bair
Cover by: "Dynamic" David Finch

Featuring: Shaman

A lush forest, filled with life. The air is clean, the water is pure, the grass is green. Nature at it's finest, untainted by the outside world. Animals are running free, birds are singing, fish are swimming, there's a bear sleeping under a tree. And then there's one thing that stands out, and yet, it bothers nothing in the eco-system. Under a waterfall, in the most serene part of the forest, the lovely flowing lake, there is a figure sitting in the air. A light blue glow forms a circle beneath the figure, the water flowing over him. He's sitting cross legged, his elbows in his lap, his hands extended open in front of him. Clad in only a pair of baggy pants, the water is covering him at a pressure that should bother him, but he doesn't even move.

This is the Shaman, the leader of the new Tribe, appointed by the Earth Mother herself. Some consider him a psychotic, others a savior, but one thing is consistent, they all call him a liberal. This is his meditation, sitting, without protection from his TK field, under a water fall.
Attuning himself to the feelings of the planet around him, making contact with nature in his own way. As the water hits him, with every drop it feels as if a burden is being lifted, with every drop he feels the love of the planet washing over him. He has seen the best and the worst the man has to offer, but his priority is only to the Earth. His empathy is on, he's feeling the planet through every drop of the water, and while considerably less of an effect as his feet firmly planted to the ground, this doesn't treat him to the side effects.

Lost in his own thoughts, Shaman is remembering the beginning of his story, of the death of the boy he was before, and the birth of the man he is today.

A year ago, Beverly Hills, California. Nothing special, just suburbia. A group of teenagers that would sooner surf then study. The names aren't important, not in the least, just who they are. These are the privileged kids, the ones accustomed to getting their way. There are no consequences for their actions, no repercussions for mistakes. They get in trouble and they throw money at the problem until it goes away. A sixteen year old would take advantage of the situation like it was nothing, and that's what they would do.

One day, a school day, the middle of the afternoon. A group of boys, five of them, all sixteen, all identifiable by their swim suits (black, red, American flag, purple, fire), all sitting on the beach with their surfboards and their pot, all skipping school to be there. A regular occurrence for these children of privilege. They'll sit there from ten in the morning until the middle of the night, just getting high and telling stories, riding all the good waves, flirting with all the pretty girls. This is the life, care free, meaningless, empty, bliss.

On this particular day, by around eleven at night, the boys are sitting around a bonfire, the one in the American flag has an acoustic guitar out, he think he's cool playing 'Stairway to Heaven' for a blond sitting on his side. The fire suit is sparking a joint for himself and a red head, knowing that courting her is probably the easiest thing he'll do the entire night. The purple and red suits are keeping the fire going, impressing the girls as they do so. The black suit though is just sitting on his lonesome, hitting his own joint, staring up at the stars.

"Trippy view, huh?"

A blond walks up to him and takes a seat next to him, joining his view as she reaches to get the joint, a gesture he doesn't notice.

"Yeah….somethin like that."

This boy, in particular, is special. Though he doesn't know the why or the how just yet. He just takes another drag.

"Dude, don't bogart!"

She takes it from his hand and takes a long drag, holding it in her lungs as she goes to speak.

"Don't tell me you're scared of lil' ol' me."

She says tauntingly, sweet and seductive at the same time. She leans in and kisses him, blowing the smoke directly into his mouth as she does. He's figuring it to be just a shotgun until he feels her tongue, getting with the program he accepts and it continues for a minute until they break off so she can take another hit. He's looking at her dumbfounded, normally he has to talk to the girl first, after all.

"You look like you've never kissed a girl before."

"Never one that moves that fast."

"You complainin'?"

"Not at all."

He takes the joint back and takes a long drag, exhaling in rings.

"Show off."

She sticks her tongue out at him.

"I'm Amber."

He grins.


"HEY! Everybody back to the fire!"

Cut off by the red trunks, all he can do is grin, take Amber's hand, and lead her over to the rest of the group.

Songs are sung, bowls are smoked, a cooler of beer is cracked into. It's a regular beach party, complete with teen angst. After a sequence of events that is easily forgotten occurs, the boy in black walks towards the water, standing in the sand at the visible edge between where the sand is dry and wet. Looking out across the water, ignoring the party behind him. A beer can is all that he's holding, as he reaches his opposite hand out towards the water. He's just feeling compelled to reach out for it, he has no clue why. With a simple grasp of his hand he feels as if his arm is extending itself into the water, grabbing a hold of the water and bringing it up. He feels stupid, but he can't help it, just as he can't help his reaction when he sees a blue sphere floating out of the water, half filled with the waters of the ocean, at eye level with him.


He releases his hand and the sphere vanishes, the water splashing back down.

"D—did I do that?"

He looks at his hand, in his current state of sobriety he honestly thinks that he's just seeing things. The beer slips from his hand and he can't get a grip on it as it falls, looking down and watching it he grabs for it one more time, not coming close, and yet the can is covered in a blue aura that returns it to his hand.

"This is getting a little fucked up."

He tries to think about this, to figure it out. If it really is all in his head, then he's having one hell of a trip, but if it's real? He can't think about that happening. His silence is quickly interrupted though.

"Hey! There you are!"

Amber runs up and latches onto his arm.

"Whatcha doin?"

She's getting really close really fast, and something about it feels off to him.

"Nothin, just enjoyin the view."

"You seem to do that a lot, every time I see you you're lookin at something."

"I just love to enjoy this kind of stuff. I mean, where in the city can you breathe fresh air, or walk around bare foot without getting cut up? There's just somethin about a place like this, it brings out a whole other part of me."

"I never thought of it like that."

"Most people don't, I mean, coming from around here, no one really appreciates this stuff. Eh, I'm probably boring you."

"Not at all, are you like, an activist or somethin?"

"Somethin like that."

The feeling of her on his arm is getting weird, like it doesn't feel like he's touching her skin, it's something different. It's almost as if he can feel something else, something deeper. He can feel all that she is, and in an instant, he knows her. Her inner most feelings, her deepest regrets, everything that creates her character. He's in contact with her very essence. It's an almost euphoric feeling for both, a high surpassing any drug.


"What do you want to do?"

He has no idea that the words he just spoke weren't sent through her ears and into her brain, the answer she gives him wont be one thought of. No, his words are traveling through her, speaking to her soul, there are no lies, no cover ups.

"I want to seduce you and then be your trophy girlfriend until I get bored or another guy comes along that's cuter."

He's shocked by this level of honesty, still not realizing just how the words were spoken. He quickly breaks off from her and walks away, the euphoria fading. He makes it ten steps before he comes to abrupt halt.

"Can you hear me?

The words boom inside of him, yet he heard nothing, he can feel them inside of him. He's almost scared, but still, he can't help but respond.

"Yes…who are you? Where are you?"

"Who I am is everything, I am your creator…I am their creator…I am the life bringer for every being on this planet."

"But where are you?"

"Silly child, you're standing on my sands, my waters are soaking your feet. I am the essence of the planet."

"You're Earth?"

"Please, no, I've never been fond of that name. Call me Mother. I am your Mother after a fashion, after all."

"How are you speaking to me?"

"Full of questions today I see, but that's good, a child should be curious about his destiny."

"My destiny?"

"Another question? Which would you like answered first."

"The first one."

"You, my child, are a mutant. But unlike others, your powers are meant to serve a greater purpose. I have monitored your development more then any of my other children for sixteen years now, silently grooming you, trying to steer you down the path that would lead to this moment."

"I don't get it. Why me?"

"Because you are my chosen one. I need for you to fulfill a special task for me, to be an extension."

"You mean like an arm?"

"You would be my Shaman."

"What's a Shaman?"

"A Shaman is the protector of a tribe, one who sits above the group and guides them, keeps them safe, educates them. That will be you."

"Because I have the power to talk to you?"

"Because you have the power to speak to the very essence of any living being with just the most brief of contact between your skin."

"That's what happened with Amber…."

"Yes, you also may have noticed the motion from you mind."

"The water….you did this to me?"

"Yes, I chose you before you were born to bear the responsibility, I've readied you your entire life. There is no more perfect candidate to be the voice and protector of my essence then you."

"I don't know…."

"Trust your mother."

"But how will you guide me? How will I know what to do?"

"You need just to make a simple contact, and I will have words."

"How do I know though?"

"Because you'll feel my core, my joy, my pain. You will come to understand, a conversation such as this will be quite rare."

"Then just tell me what to do now, how to begin."

"Learn your abilities, understand the world around you. Try to save, try to educate. Very soon you will be ready, and you will know when you are being summoned for our next talk."

"But you just said…"

"Trust your mother, we will talk again when you are ready."

The feeling goes away, the voice inside him stops talking. People are staring, everyone is. Amber has come back up to him.

"Are you ok? You've just been standin there all weird like for the past like half hour."

"I'm fine…fine."

*Master my abilities…she will talk to me again…this is too weird….*

He heads up the beach back to the fire and lays back down. It doesn't take long for Amber to lay up against him, her inner feelings still radiating through him. Was it a dream? A hallucination? He doesn't know, and he honestly doesn't want to think about it. He can move things with his mind, he can talk to souls on contact. That's more then just a little cool.

To be continued…


Witness the birth of Shaman as our young hero remembers the baptism given by the planet itself, as well as his first acts as the leader of the Tribe.

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I liked it, hurry up and write the next one.

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