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Hellions Unlimited #13
Post by Star/Muse on Feb 27, 2007, 8:10pm

Kelly hit a hard light construct outside the mansion and rolled back onto her feet, taking care not to damage the dress Kidd gave her. With a fleeting glance to either side, she left the grounds as quickly and quietly as she could.

It wasn’t long before she found herself in an more of an urban setting than the relaxed grounds of the Westchester mansion. There was something very alien about the way the air moved at night there and light glistened on the damp streets – the way something was always there in the corner of your eye and that there seemed to always be something lurking in some shadow. Spinning around, she did her best to keep everything in view but it wasn’t long before she gave up on this notion. Paranoia wasn’t something Kelly was given to, anyway. With one last ephemeral glance, she carried on forwards.

There had to be some place in the city where someone would know where Magneto was. Someone. And she was going to find that person. She had read the logs. The New Mutants fought the Brotherhood at Harry’s Hideaway. There had to be someone there who could point her in the right direction. This would be easier than she thought.

Kelly continued walking down the street briskly. She didn’t know the exact way to Harry’s Hideaway, but she could easily ask someone and find out once she was closer to the rough area.

I just have to-

She abandoned her thoughts quickly when she heard a muffled scream to her right. She turned to it immediately and followed it down an alleyway. She felt like the darkness around her was suffocating her, but she pushed past the thoughts as well as she could, and stopped running abruptly when she reached the source of the scream. A man was struggling with a woman- at first sight it looked like a simple mugging.

“No! Please, don’t!” The woman begged, looking swiftly between the attacker and the new arrival to the scene. It then dawned on Kelly what this really was, and a cold shudder of realisation washed over her. She ran at full speed at the woman’s attacker and rammed her shoulder into the man, knocking him away.

“Get away from here as quickly as you can,” Kelly told the woman, her back turned on the man. She soon regretted it. The man grabbed her by the neck and threw her into a wall, hard. With no light at all and surrounded by darkness, her strength, durability and shields were only a slight step away from their lowest. He lifted his foot and kicked her across the face where she lay, having slumped down the wall she hit.
“You’re not-”

“No. I’m not,” he smirked before kicking her again, putting her through the wall.
“Stole my fun for the night. Gonna have a little now, instead.”

Kelly struggled to get to her feet but received a sharp punch to the stomach for her troubles. Dropping to her knees, she looked up weakly before getting kicked in the face again, collapsing.

“The hell do you think you are anyway, to be interfering with me? I do what I want, when I want, and I enjoy doing it!”

Kelly looked up again as she struggled to push herself up.
“Someone else said something similar to me,” she said, getting to my feet. “He did some bad things, but essentially he could be good. You? You’re a sick would-be rapist. And I’m the person who stopped you from ruining that person’s life. That’s who I am,” she told him, punching him savagely in the jaw. He hit the ground and bounced ever so slightly.

She leaned forwards, over him, and punched him once more to keep him down. It was enough to do so.
There… that’s enough.

A few drops of her own blood fell from her face onto his neck.

She thought of what Wildfire had said to her. Kelly thought about what she had said about threats in the now going on to ruin other people’s lives. To ruin lives after someone defeated them and let them go. Go to prison where they could escape or be released, and then go and ruin someone’s life, through all sorts of means. Including rape.

The amount of blood on his neck slowly increased.

Kelly then thought about Kidd. Lying there. Still. Broken. Because someone who could have been stopped long ago by the Professor was allowed to go into incarceration. Where he escaped and was then able to ruin other people’s lives. He ended Kidd’s. She should have been there. She should have helped Kidd. She shouldn’t have begged her to stay. Kidd shouldn’t have even been around in the first place – she should have been in Japan with the Six, having fun and living the life of a teenage celebrity. Having fun. Not this. She didn’t deserve his. She deserved so much better. So much better…

The blood on his neck began to mix with tears. Kelly looked at his face and realised that much of the blood that had trickled onto his neck wasn’t hers… it was his. She realised that she hadn’t stopped punching him. And even as she realised this, she still didn’t stop.

Wild’s right… as always… People like this need to be dealt with – they need to be stopped before they can hurt more people… like Kidd was hurt… Who would this man try to attack next? Just some girl that looked at him the wrong way? Anyone? Fourteen years… god, fourteen years…

She continued punching the man. And continued. And then she felt something give way under her fist – something in his face. She didn’t know what, but it scared her, and she snapped to her senses.

“Oh, god, what am I doing?” Kelly asked out loud. “Kidd…” she turned and ran as fast as she could, blinded by tears.

Re: Hellions Unlimited #13
Post by Lex "Heatwave" Serden on Feb 27, 2007, 8:12pm

Wow…simply wow….

Re: Hellions Unlimited #13
Post by Sara "Radical Dreamer" Lincoln on Feb 27, 2007, 8:15pm

Intense with a side of whoa

Re: Hellions Unlimited #13
Post by Dillon Drummond on Feb 27, 2007, 9:44pm

I hope the events of this fic are never brought up again and Kelly pretends it never happened.

Re: Hellions Unlimited #13
Post by Star/Muse on Feb 27, 2007, 9:48pm

. Too late for that, I'm afraid.

Re: Hellions Unlimited #13
Post by Nephy "Lifebeat" Nephrahim on Feb 27, 2007, 9:50pm

Far, Far too late.

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