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Post by Wreck on Jan 29, 2007, 9:49am

Title: Blind Man's Bluff

Cover Description: Holofoil! One image is a closeup of Blind, shift, and the other is a closeup of Wreck's dreaded black skull


I had pondered how to approach this puzzle. Wreck, a member of the New Mutants I had yet to speak to, was apparently quite insane.

Or so it would appear. At first glance a simple case of multiple personality disorder, his words lent deeper meaning. Repeatedly, he had mentioned a skull. Combined with his hints of demonic influence to Ms. Thorley, clearly a closer examination was in order.

But how to do this? That was truly the puzzle…..the skull would only appear under two distinct circumstances. Either Wreck had to be alone, or his other self had to come to the forefront, summoning the skull to his grasp.

Clearly the first was impossible, if I wished to have a conversation with the relic. And so I found myself knocking on his chamber door.

Wreck did not answer at first. Briefly, I thought of increasing the volume of the knocks, but decided against it. I am not rude, when I can help it.

He solved my dilemma quickly enough, beckoning me to enter. His voice, not the twisted voice of his demon. I did not know if this was a good thing or not…..obviously, I needed the demon, not Wreck himself…..

Opening the door, I saw him sitting on the floor. Staring at his closet. He apparently hadn't slept or bathed for days, the scent of him assaulting me for a few moments, before I shut it off.

Wreck looked up at me blankly. Then…..

"…..you're that Hellion. The one Zephyr thinks wants a date with him."

……admittedly, that gave me pause. Was my interesting friend also insane?

"I am Siamko Vasiliev," I whispered to him. "A pleasure to meet you."

Blinking his clicking eyes behind dark sunglasses, Wreck paused.

"……um, I'm flattered, but if you're looking for a date with me, I don't swing that way."

……clearly, I was dealing with an idiot.

Hide it. Be kind. Forcing myself into some measure of resolve, I shook my head.

"My friend, I think you misunderstand. I have heard of your dilemma….."

I gestured toward the closet.

"……and I would like to help, if I can."

Wreck turned from me, to the closet. Then back to me. Then to the closet.

"Zephyr's a blabbermouth. But I guess it can't hurt, right? At least not any more than I'm hurt already."

He laughed, a shrill, broken chitter. Very disturbing.

"So," I said finally. "To be direct, may I see the skull? I would like to speak to it."

Wreck chittered again, kicking his feet like a child.

"I think you're out of luck, pasty. Skull won't come out unless I'm alone…..except when it apparently wants to eat someone."

I extended my arms.

"Then by all means. I offer myself as bait."

Wreck stared at me. He looked very confused.

"…..dude, no. I don't know you very well, but I'm not going to let the thing kill you."

"You have no choice," I rasped at him. "Don't make me provoke him."

The boy looked away, sullen. I can't say I blamed him.

"…..I hate you for making me do this. Fine. You want him, here….."

Wreck grabbed both sides of his head in his hands. He slammed his head off of the ground, with enough force that I would have been worried for his health, if I did not know that he was made of sterner stuff.

When he arose again, his sunglasses had fallen to the floor. A change in posture, that I had seen previously in the hallway.

I was no longer dealing with Wreck.

"Hm. It isn't often we get one that's suicidal," his voice, now shrill and cracked, quipped at me. "But I suppose I shouldn't complain, eh?"

Often, I can get a fairly decent measure of a person by the way they greet someone. The tone of their voice, body language…..in this case, it didn't take one studied in such things to realize that I was dealing with someone very much irrational.

I hate that. It's so difficult to deal with.

"You misunderstand," I replied to him evenly. "I am not here to stand in your way. I am merely an observer of people, and thought to….."

"What?", he interrupted. "You thought you'd be a nosy bastard and see exactly what I'm up to, eh?"

This….creature….was growing agitated already. I think it came naturally for him. Change of tact….

"I wasn't here for you at all," answered I. "I had heard that you carry a most fascinating item. A skull that has the answers to many questions."

This was a gambit on my part. Would he grow offended at this too, clutching his prized possession and hiding it from me? Or….

"…..so, you know about the abomination," the monster said, a bit of the shrillness leaving his voice. "Isn't often that I get victims inquiring about it…..why, I think the last one was the little blonde girl with the butterfly….."

He shook his head.

"Do you want to speak to him?", he asked me. A horrible smile crossed his lips. "Though I'll warn you, you'd be better off just letting me kill you first. The thing took what was left of my mind, and he'll take yours too. Which is likely the only reason I'd allow you to hear it."

'Wreck' raised a hand, and in a terrible glow of energy, it appeared. Just as he had described. A black skull, impaled on a stick.

A little plain looking, really. If not for the unmistakable aura of evil that emanated from the thing. I sensed somehow that, even though the skull didn't breathe, it was ALIVE. Watching me.

Quite disconcerting. He planted the staff on the ground.

"Well, go ahead. I haven't got all day."

Steadily, I walked to the relic. Admittedly, I wasn't certain of HOW to speak to it…..would it read thoughts, or….?

No. No, it was in fact speaking. Whispering to me, in some language I was unfamiliar with……I suppose I could not hide my surprise, since 'Wreck' began chittering again.

"Oh, I think he likes you. I wonder if I had the same expression on my face when he started talking to me?"

Listening more closely (and attempting to block out the gibberish of the mad demon), a strange thing happened. I was able to understand the skull entirely, in spite of the odd language it spoke.

He addressed me by name. And the horrifying thing? Just by listening to him, I could feel my sanity draining. What WAS this thing?

Well, why not ask?

"What are you?", I inquired.

"A higher form of existence," it replied in that terrible, unintelligible yet not rattle.

…….well, that told me nothing.

"How were you created? Are you a demon?"

He related to me his origin. How, in another world, 'Wreck' had used his mutant gifts to reduce the lives of thousands upon thousands to naught but vague blurs of entropy. The skull absorbed that, and in the end we had…..this.

Horrible. But so fascinating.

"So, you are no demon, and neither is the other."

'Wreck' laughed at that, heartily and madly.

"You thought I a demon? I have been called many things over the years, but never that. I think I'll have to take it with me and use it."

Ignore him. Questions to be asked……

"…..but I have heard of the creation of such as you. Blackheart, son of Mephisto. Created in much of the same way, through years of ritual death….."

The skull said nothing.

"…..I think you are a demon, of sorts. Am I correct?"

"Yes," it answered.

Most interesting that it would answer me honestly. Then……

"Are you bound to speak the truth?"


"Oh, he does speak the truth," 'Wreck' intoned. "But then again, how do you know he isn't lying when he says yes to your question?"

True. I didn't know that…..only one way to be certain, then…..

"Tell me. Am I a murderer, skull?"

The arcane relic fell silent.

"……tell me. Am I a murderer?"

"You have killed," the reply came finally. "Deaths are on your hands."

"But am I….."

"You think yourself innocent, and believe this with honesty. There is no doubt in your soul. Therefore, you have not the soul of a murderer."

"You are truly deranged," the shrill voice of 'Wreck' said from somewhere in the distance (for my world had gone truly dark). "So damn cuckoo that you've made yourself innocent on a spiritual level by sheer force of denial. Now that's admirable."

I denied nothing. I am right, and always have been.

……ignore him. The skull had responded honestly, to a question with many answers, but only one true, and only one that I knew. More questions to be asked…..

"……Almond Quimby. Is he a murderer?"


"How many?"


"Who is his attacker?"

"Almond Quimby."

…..most odd.

"Will he strike here?"




"Who, skull?"

"It may have to tell the truth," 'Wreck' giggled, "but that doesn't mean it has to say anything if it really doesn't want to. I can force it, but that's because I feed the damned thing."

I looked to 'Wreck' briefly. Then turned back to the creature.

"What is he, really? Clarify."

"Wreck. But not."

"His place of birth?"

"Two different Hells."

…….most interesting.

"And how do we be rid of him, while leaving the other Wreck intact?", I whispered to the skull. 'Wreck' peered at me with a look of pure malice.

I knew it was foolish to ask with the monster standing right there. Had to take a calculated risk…..

"Allowing him his goal is the only way," the skull responded. And then my world was alight with a terrible glow. 'Wreck' had fired one of his entropy blasts, forming a vortex that would have torn me asunder…..had I not moved elsewhere mere moments before, to the other side of the room.

Still, that only bought me a second. 'Wreck' shifted the staff to his grasp with but a token gesture, and though I was invisible to human senses, he knew where I was right away.

"I see you!", he cawed triumphantly, waving the staff in my direction. My world faded into entropy…..

…….and I awoke a bit later, on the floor outside of the doorway. Wreck stood over me. That is, the true Wreck. He shook his head sadly.

"Don't come here again. I can't promise what'll happen if you do."

And the door slammed with a crack of thunder, leaving me alone. Yet, I had gained what I had come for…..

Oh, yes I had. But what an interesting relic, I thought, as my gaze pierced the shut door. An infinite source of knowledge. A shame to let it go to waste…..

Re: Hellions Unlimited #10
Post by Armando "Army" Rosewell on Jan 29, 2007, 12:03pm

Huh, that was an enlightening little talk, and I was looking forward to the chance for Wreck and Blind to meet…every bit as interesting as I imagined, if a little hard to follow at parts. Glad to see things are coming to head.

Re: Hellions Unlimited #10
Post by Protoman on Jan 29, 2007, 12:35pm

I like it. I was hoping that they'd meet.

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Post by Star/Muse on Jan 29, 2007, 1:31pm


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