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Hellions Unlimited #1
Post by K'lar on Jan 2, 2007, 12:27pm

Hellions Unlimited #1

Title: A Tangled Web We Weave…

Cover Description: Tangle with his ear against a wall while Prime is talking to the team…

Author's note: Just a quick little story I wanted to toss in for some background. Nothing big, just some things on my mind.

Tangle sits in the corner of the room quietly while he watches his teammates quarrel and discuss the New Mutants. After several minutes of this, he slips from the room. No one even notices he's gone.

A few minutes later, Tangle is in Shinobi Shaw's office spilling his guts, He is telling Shaw everything that happened down at the meeting, down to Erebus’s desire to kill, several of his teammates lack of a killer instinct, and Gammadrop's seeming insanity. He finishes by saying, “It’s a mess down there!” Shaw nods, and thanks Tangle for his information before dismissing him. "You've done me proud, Chris…much like your father."

Chris scowls at the mention of his father, and slinks out to try to rejoin his teammates for more information to sneak to Shaw.

After Chris leaves, Shaw calls in his assistant. He smiles at her, “We were right about him. He’s just as much a weasel as his father ever was. He’s going to be all but useless for his teammates, but he will serve me well. And that is all I care about. If the kids get killed….well, they are easily replaced.”

The assistant smiles back at Shaw, “I am still amazed you didn’t kill them…”

Shaw shrugs, “There was nothing to gain from it once Gamemaster called off the contest. I am just glad you suggested using them to crush the New Mutants…”

The assistant shrugged, “Why let a good resource go to waste! That is what your father always said.”

Shaw nods. And then puts his fist through her chest, killing her instantly. He looks at the body for a moment, and then reaches for his intercom, “I need a new assistant…one that did not work for my father.” Shaw slams the phone down and storms from the room, just as the alarms start blaring. “WHAT NOW???”

Re: Hellions Unlimited #1
Post by Armando "Army" Rosewell on Jan 2, 2007, 8:27pm

Hm, interesting…kind of disheartening to know that Shaw's such a bastard, but it's expected. Apples and trees and all that.

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