Real Name - Amelia Chow
Code Name - Heaven, could change
Sex - F
Age (11-18) - 15

Mutations/Powers - The ability to create simple objects. The object must be something Amelia understands, must be composed of relatively common materials (no adamantium, et cetera), and will disappear when her concentration lapses, or when she is more than 20 feet away. The objects must be small enough for Amelia to carry, and must appear within her grasp (although she can throw them or set them down or give them to someone afterwards). They otherwise behave exactly as a standard object of the same type. For instance, if she created a steel sword, Magneto could manipulate it.

Look - Amelia is a second generation Chinese-American. She wears her hair short, and frequently wears jeans and a cutesy T-shirt of some variety (Hello Kitty in her first appearance, natch). She is athletic, and Chi thinks she's cute. Which torments me. Damn you, blackmore.

Personality - Amelia had a very traumatic time before she came to the mansion. The first time she used her powers, she was brutally raped afterwards, and has a great fear of strange men (as in strangers, not men who are strange) and intimacy due to that. Then, she got mixed up in Reverend Stryker's Salvation Farm. She's quiet and subdued most of the time, but has a bubbly side around people that she trusts. She's also very fond of preparing green tea. Because you care. She has other interests, but I'd rather get into that through RP later, since she's initially withdrawn. Oh, she's also very adept in a unique sword-based martial art that she learned back home in Seattle from other Asian immigrants. I say unique because Hav doesn't know crap about martial arts and it saves me from looking bad by using an established style and not knowing anything about it.

History - Pretty much described above. Chinese-American, from Seattle, used her powers to create money to feed her family, attacked and raped by men who figured out what she did, went to Stryker's Salvation Farm feeling guilty about what happened. After the New Mutants busted up Salvation Farm, she returned to the mansion where she was initially very withdrawn and wrapped up in personal guilt over a number of things, not the least of which was her seeming desire to kill Chi in the climactic battle. She became much more involved in social gatherings after starting a friendship with Marisol and a relationship of some unknown level with Chi. Her adversarial relationship with Rapt also led to some social hijinx.

During the recent experience with Apocalypse and Magneto, Amelia believed that she had kill Poseidon, until Ghost Rider later referred to her as an innocent.

She also has gone through further social detachment after Mike left for space, a move that she encouraged, but during missions, she seems relatively normal.

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