Real Name - Alexander Serden
Code Name - Heatwave
Sex - Male
Age - 17

Mutations/Powers - Lex has the ability to control temperature/heat. He can make someone's blood boil or freeze in their veins. Lex can absorb heat to make himself physically stronger and more durable. He can create flames and ice by manipulating the heat in the air molocules. His body is not affected by heat or cold.

Look - Lex is about 6'1" with short black hair that he cut himself. He is about 200 lbs and is very muscular. He wears a ground length black trenchcoat almost all the time.

Personality - Lex has become quite friendly since moving to the Mansion. He gets along with most of his teammates and the Hellions, but he is quick to anger. Once he's angry it takes a bit to calm him down.

History - Lex has had a very difficult life. When his powers manifested themselves at the age of 9 he burned his mother so badly that she needed reconstructive surgery. His father threw him out of the house and told him never to come back. Lex has been living on the streets ever since. After accidentilly killing 14 people on a subway train in New York Lex ran and is now wanted by the police. He decided to find someone to help him control his powers, his first stop Magneto's Acolytes. He worked under Magneto for about 3 months, then Magneto set off his EM Pulse, Lex realized he was on the wrong side. He traveled to the X-Mansion to ask for both help and forgivness.

Heatwave is retired from active duty, but still at the mansion, and still would probably join in if his teammates needed his help.

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