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He Hungers
Post by Rapt "Roc"/Fragment/Fraternity on Apr 26, 2007, 3:19pm

Where: 1983 Universe (Same as 1982, with minor differences)

All was normal aboeard the Juber, its latest mission a complete success. The current Imperial Guard liason to the Auxillery, Manta, had decreed a celebreation for the safe return of a Shi'ar research team. The crew took it to heart, and morale was skyrocketing.

And then the Juber jerked to a stop, spilling a few of the crew to the floor, bathed in the light of the alarm klaxons. The command crew rushed to the bridge, followed closely by Manta and the X-Patriots. The Shi'ar at the Comms station spoke up.

"We have an incoming message."

Manta raised a hand, silencing Mike before he could make his comment, calmly issuing her order. "Play it."

On the main screen, an almost insectiod, ethreal blue creature, holding a staff in his misty hands floated. Its voice played over the speakers, spiting the prescence of a vacuum.


"You will cut power to your engines and weapons, or be destroyed."

The crew looked at each other with mixed emotions; Anger, Fear, Panic, until Roxanne spoke up. "Who is that?"

Mike answered it quickly enough. "Stardust."

"I am the Herald of Lord Galactus. I have been tasked with finding what he requires."

Manta responded to the Herald; "We are a single ship, not a planet for the Devourer's sustenance. Release our vessel, Herald."

"My Lord does not require the energy of a planet at this venture. His need now, is of another nature. I have been tasked to find him a companion, and the Cosmic Awareness has led me here. Manta, of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard, you have two hours of your reckoning to prepare." The screen flickered out.

"Do we fight our way free?" Nicolette ventured.

"No child. That creature is a Herald of Galactus the World Eater. This vessel could not survive such a conflict. I will consent to his demand."

Two hours later, Manta stood on the bridge in a formal uniform, when the Operations officer gasped out, and the speakers blasted out.


Signalling her affirmative, Manta vanished in a shimmer of cosmic energy, reappearing on Galactus' worldship. Aboard the Juber, Mike spoke up, "Now what?", with a response of "We wait" coming from the Captain.

Hours later, Manta was teleported back, and ordered the Juber to return on course to its destination, and went to her quarters without another word.


Today, I was abducted by Galan…Galactus, to keep him company while he ate. Why he chose to court me, I do not know. His Herald, Stardust, created and directed the stargate, charperoning us. When we arrived, we were at a large solar system.

Stardust then took our dinner orders. I had a salad, with light dressing. He had Tau Ceti Alpha.

Over the course of dinner, we spoke. He asked me to call him Galan, or at least Galactus, as opposed to "Devourer". He has an explorer's soul, I found, but also has an artistic side, which shows in how he shapes his Heralds.

After dinner, he escorted me back, again chauffeured by Stardust. When we were back at the system the Juber was in, Galan knelt down, giving me a kiss goodnight upon the cheek. The kiss had the literal power of a million stars, and I still tingle from it. I wonder if he'll call?

Re: He Hungers
Post by Cheshire on Apr 26, 2007, 3:23pm

"Stardust then took our dinner orders. I had a salad, with light dressing. He had Tau Ceti Alpha." is the single greatest line of text ever written by man.

Re: He Hungers
Post by Rapt "Roc"/Fragment/Fraternity on Apr 26, 2007, 3:29pm

Thanks. I was happy with that line.

Re: He Hungers
Post by Nadia "Osmosis Lass" Johansson on Apr 26, 2007, 3:36pm

Awesome. Awesome, awesome, awesome.


Re: He Hungers
Post by The Sacred Digits on Apr 26, 2007, 7:56pm

The goodnight kiss > the dinner order.

Re: He Hungers
Post by Last Hero on Apr 26, 2007, 11:33pm

I have to give the dinner order the edge here. Awesome stuff Rapt, you sick bastard ;) I was asked to co-write this, but I didn't realize he was actually serious ;)

Re: He Hungers
Post by Lisa "Nephy" Nephrahim on Apr 26, 2007, 11:36pm

I'm going to agree with Havok here. The power of a million stars.

Re: He Hungers
Post by Rapt "Roc"/Fragment/Fraternity on Apr 27, 2007, 6:46am

…I'm always serious. Except when I'm not.

And why do you keep calling me a sick bastard! <_<

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