Genx 13

Complete Mission Log

Gen X roll call:

Sir Nathaniel: Knight of the Order, Half Demon, Foreshadow
Freaktada: Able to seperate and regrow body parts
Outburst: Concussive blasts fueled by negative emotion
Valvalla: Supersonic scream and Photographic memory
Lifebeat: Hemo-kinetic
Inciendary: Fire Manipulation
Wildfire: Ex-hydra agent, vitual armory system known as WETworks
Stardust: Manipulation of particles coming from excess energy in his soul

Guest Stars:
New Mutants West: The western branch of the New Mutants
Heroine: Supersoldier, high ranking officer of SHIELD. Leader of the Avengers

X-cell: A group of Mutant supremest punks.
The Pride: Secret illumaniti group that makes Dr. Doom look like Dr. Evil.
The Gibborum: Six-fingered giants dedicated to wiping humanity off the face of the earth
Heroine: Supersoldier, high ranking officer of SHIELD. Leader of the Avengers

A day ago there was a sudden intruder in the Mansion. It turned out that person was Gertrude "Heroine" Yorkes, the future leader of the Avengers. She explains the situation to them. Marcus was kidnapped by a group known as the Pride who plan to erasing his existence. However the second problem was that the Pride set up a bomb in a elementary school while letting the school be attacked by a Mutant Gang as a strongarm tactic to get anyone trying to rescue Marcus Sun to leave. With this knowledge the team takes a jet to Los Angeles to rescue Marcus.

The jet reaches Los Angeles and the Generation X come up with a plan. Half the team would go to the mansion and try to rescue Marcus, the other half will go to the school to stop the bomb. Upon landing the rescue team are escorted by Officer Flores (a corrupt cop working for the Pride) to the Wilder house where Marcus is being held, while Team boring heads for the school.

In the Wilder's house the Rescue team meets the Pride, who simply tells them to get out of the city or the school will explode. While team boring's plan on infiltrating the school goes awry when they're spotted by the Mutant gang/patsies for the explosion attacking the school.

A fight ensues between the X-cell and Team Boring. While Nathaniel pretends to comply with Wilder's order, leaving the mansion escorted by Officer Flores, while Adam separated himself to ret-con in the house. Sir Nathaniel has Meisha slip away and go back to the house, where she hears Marcus from the basement.

Meisha tries to free Marcus, while the rest of the team knocked out Officer Flores and head back. However upon heading to the mansion they're met by the Deans, while the rest of the Pride ambushed Meisha in the basement. Turns out Officer Flores was in telepathic communication with the Hayes and informed them on Meisha's disappearance.

Meanwhile the Generation X were slowly beating the Mutant Gang, but the bomb was still ticking. Then the New Mutant West came, and helped fight the gang, and opening a portal to where the bomb was. Although there was a small obstacle in the way Team boring managed to stop the bomb.

The rescue team wasn't faring better. Sir Nathaniel and Joe were being distracted by the Deans, while Meisha was captured via telepathy after putting up quite a fight. Then Mr. Wilder gets a cell phone call and was informed that the bomb was stopped. He changed plans retreating to the Marine Vivarium, dragging Marcus and Meisha (still under telepathic control). Gertrude made a portal to the same place and had team boring go in. While Team rescue followed the Pride in their portal.

The teams re-unite, while the Pride was casting a spell. The Gibborum come out, rather pissed at the Pride. Unfortunately Mr. Wilder convinced them to eat the Generation X's souls as the Pride regroups agianst them, now with three giant soul eating monsters on their side.

The battle ensues as Heroine and the Generation X fight the Pride and the Gibborum. Things got worse as the security system went on sending Stein's security Daemon's, a giant golem, and a giant Tyrannosaurus Rex after them. After a large brutal battle the Pride was defeated, three of them killed (by Wildfire of course), the Gibborum were forced back into their home dimension and most of the Generation X were heavily injured.

Then Heroine pulled an Alex Wilder on them. She backstabbed the team she led to battle and revealed her ulterior motives. Marcus was never part of the Rite of Blood, which is sensible since the Rite of Blood was supposed to involve an adolescent girl. Marcus was captured because he contained a massive amount of energy in his soul, energy that could be used as back-up fuel for the Gibborum.

In Gertrude's future Marcus' energy led to the Gibborum coming back and forming a new Pride, this time succeeding where the first failed. Humanity was destroyed. To make things worse it turns out it was Marcus' destiny to be erased, a fate in which all his alternate selfs succumbed to and a fate already recorded down in the abstract. To Heroine the only way to stop this was to erase Marcus first, before the Pride could.

The Generation X put up a valiant fight against her. But now armed with the Staff of One and the Fistgons, not to mention most of the Generation X were already heavily injured didn't provide more than an annoying distraction to Heroine. She easily fend off Joe, Sir Nathaniel, and Wildfire and when Nephy tried to cut her ankle, her efforts met with her body being separated into pieces by the Staff of One.

However it did have effect as they allowed Heroine to be hit by Joe's blasts. As she gets up Joe and Wild move to strike her with murderous intent, but before they could reach her, Marcus stabbed her in the chest, killing her.

By this time the remaining members of the Pride come to, rather pissed that their sacrifice is ruined. The Gibborum will only eat innocent victims, and the murder of Heroine removes Marcus from their list. However the Pride is tired and already in deep shit with their bosses and the Generation X is in no condition to fight. Since neither of them had the will to continue fighting, the Pride lets the Generation X leave with Heroine's body, while they have to face the wrath of their bosses.

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