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Generation X Unlimited #6
Post by Sir Nathaniel/Fang on May 3, 2007, 12:52am


Generation X Unlimited #6 $2.99
Writer: Logan Atlantis
Artist: The Bachelo Brothers(Chris Bachelo)

"The things we do for Love"

Nathaniel had caught a ride with Excalibur back to England. He wanted to check in with the Order before he set out to take down the Hellfire Club, and get Rachel back.

A familar smell of sulfur is in the air after a Bamf.
Nightcrawler is standing a rock just outside the Lighthouse in front of Nathaniel.

"Why didn't you follow Voom Voom's orders?" came Nightcrawlers voice.

"Rachel comes first."

"We have agents in the Club. We will find her."

"Agents take time. I make miracles."

Kurt smiled,"We all do, but this isn't something to take lightly."

"I haft to check in with the Order as well. Chances are they have a few aces I can call in."

"Then go vith God mon frair."

"The Goddess travels alone."

Kurt cocked his head slightly puzzled, but willing to let him have his say,"At least take the Mini-Jet," he said tossing him the keys,"It still needs returning to Mansion."

Nathaniel caught the keys. He thought asking about feul. "I will not fail."

"Bring Rachel back safely," he said with a hopefull smile,"I shall pray vor you both."

Nathaniel quickly worked his way to the Mini-Jet. Firing off the controls. He still was not confident in his landing abilities, but he knew the Mini-Jet handled a little better then the X-Jets, and Blackbirds. If all else failed autopilot would work wonders.

The Mini-Jet slowly lifted itself skyward, and bolted off to the horizon in land. Nathaniel engaged the cloak.

Meanwhile Black Air Radar Station Six….
The officer on duty just spit out his tea,"What the bloody hell is that?"
The head officer on duty came to look at the screen,"Bogey, going Mach 3 in land. Heading for London. Ping it, see if you can get a hit off it's black box."
The officer quickly complied,"Registration says X-men Mini-Jet 4. Should we shoot it down, and send a retrieval/cleanup team?"
"Let her go. Standing orders from Minder-One. Watch, but do not interfere. We'll get some agents on it when it touches down, and continue watching."
"Sir, it just dropped off radar."
"Near London Bridge, sir. In the water."
"Check with our contacts in the area. Someone had to have seen, or heard something We don't want this public."
"Aye, Aye, Sir."

London Sewers
Nathaniel had just entered an old drainage pipe with the Mini-Jet. The right, and left wings folded to fit. The roar of turbines could be heard echoeing for miles throughout the tunnel, shifting dust and debris loose, as he shifted to a lower speed.

Finally he arrived at a junction, brought the bird to a stop, and entered throught the secret passage way on foot.

Two guards haulted him at the entry to the throneroom.

"I need to see the White King. It is urgent."

"The King is busy with other urgent matters. If you wish an audience you know the rules, Sir Nathaniel," the guard said a little uneasy coming face to face with the Dead Knight.

"In matters of Love, the Goddess makes the rules."

The guards looked at each other a second, but did not waver.

Lord Axen was coming down the hall, and going over something with a paige. He looked up to see what the comotion was. "Ah Sir Nathaniel, nice to see the rumors of your demise are unfounded. I'm on my way to Library, join me. What do we owe the pleasure of this visit?" he said taking in Nathaniels new wardrobe.

Sir Nathaniel started walking along side Lord Axen,"I need to get into the Hellfire Club."

"Is that the only time you visit anymore, when you need something?" He put his hand up to stop Nathaniel from answering,"What little contact we had with the Hellfire Club of America dried up in the sixties. We now go through friends of friends. Too distant to really call favors on. Why would you need to go there anyways?"

"I lost something important to me. The woman I love."

"Ah a woman. Please tell me she doesn't walk around in garters, and stockings."

"No, but the woman who took her did."

"Troubling Nathaniel, most troubling. Any woman who makes Queen is usually a force to be wrecken with," by the way he said it he wasn't just talking about the Hellfire Club. They entered the Library.

"Just a minute!" came Jacob McMichael's voice from the back. Seconds later he was standing before them with his eyes wide in shock,"You…You…You're dead…."

"Come now boy, don't be rude. Sir Nathaniel has been through alot. Which one is she?"

"Selene," his voice was flat.

"Thus it gets worse."

"What? The Selene?" Jacob blurted out.

"You've been digging through the archives again haven't you, Jacob?"

"Yes, Lord Axen. Every chance I get."

"Well then bring it out. Chances are she isn't heading to the Hellfire Club with Nathaniel's Lady."

"Well there really isn't much to bring out. She hails from Stygia, but claims to go back further back to Atlantis. That's just from the small blurbs in the Demonology book, Nathaniel you are bringing your copy back? It has a few entries that aren't in the rest. Anyways the only reference to Stygia was made by Robert E. Howard during the thirties." He shuffles around, and rolls out a map of Hyboria.

Lord Axen rolls his eyes,"What does this haft to do with Stygia?"

"Well, my Lord. You see Robert E Howard claim to write his stories as if he was being told them by the person that lived them. So it's highly possible that Hyboria is really like a Pangea of sorts. Sometime along the line something shifted the land masses. Earthquakes, valcanoes, glaciers, meteors….anything of that sort."

Lord Axen decided humor him,"So where does that put Stygia now?"

"Most believed it to be Egypt with the way the Gods, and Snakes were represented. However with all the Pyramids there are in the world…."

Lord Axen held up his hand,"Was there anyone she worked with back then that could help narrow it down?"

"Rumors of leading an Amazon sect, and somthing about Cult of Fire. Thoth-Amon, and Set with rumors of involvement in the Black Ring. Oh why didn't I think of that before. Set is an Egyptian God."

"Looks like you only need halp with Selene now, Nathaniel."

"Perhaps. I still do not know where in Egypt."

"There is rumors of a Pyramid devoted to set right about here," he said pointing out on the map of Hyboria. "With Land shift changes", he pulled out another map, "it should be about here," he said pointing out a specific spot on the current map of Egypt."Well that should get you within fifty miles of it. Problem is it may still be burried in sand."

"I have met Set, and Thoth-Amon. Hopefull they are long gone from this world."

"You met Set, and lived? Where the bloody hell have you been?" said Jacob enthusastically.


Jacob laughed. He didn't know what else to make of it.

"Ekhmmm…There is still the matter of Selene to think about. You can not enter into a battle of sorcery unarmed."

Nathaniel drew his new twin blades,"Shatterstar said these would be enough if I can get in close." The blades shifted to look like Nathaniel's old broadsword.

Lord Axen looked perplexed at the change,"Well at least you are finding stuff to replace your lost equipment without turning to the Order. Still stop by the Temple, and ask the Lady to adorn you oils. It might not provide the best protection, but it's still better then walking in there unprotected," he pulled a ring off his finger, and handed it to him,"So she knows it was I that sent you."

Nathaniel took the ring, and sheathed his sword as it shifted back to double blades,"By your leave?"

"Go with the Goddesss, Sir Nathaniel."

"And try not to die this time…" retorted Jacobs before he got smacked by Lord Axen,"owe…."

Nathaniel walked down the long corridors to the Temple of the Goddess, and entered closing the doors behind him. He ignored the Lady, and her Sisterhood as he went to kneel before the Goddess. After a moment of prayer he finally looking at the Lady, and waiting for her to speak.

She didn't make him wait long,"Sir Nathaniel, always a blessing to see you here. What do I owe the honor of this visit?"

"Lord Axen said to ask you for the blessing of the Goddess before I left," he showed her the ring, and she took it from him.

"The Goddess hasn't given her blessing on anything since World War I. Why do you seek the blessing?"

"The woman I love is in danger."

"A noble quest if there ever was one," she looked at him deep in the eyes,"I will do this, there is a chance you will be cut off from your demon half for a while."

Nathaniel started to speak her finger gently press on his lips,"Now Nathaniel, you know I speak to you, and not the other way around. Sisters strip him while I prepare the water."

The Lady moved off to around the Goddess Statue, and began chanting something. The sisters padded around Nathaniel slowly removing everything from him. A clear substance began coming from the base of the statue, and the Lady dropped her gown. Two of the sisters broke off to do something at the rear of the temple while the rest escorted Nathaniel to the statue.

"Kneel before the Goddess."

Nathaniel didn't hesitate. The sisters stepped in beside him, and began rubbing the oil into every bit of his exposed flesh.

"Sir Nathaniel Aequitas, the Goddess has decided to bless you in your quest, and make you a Knight of the Goddess. You no longer answer to the White King. You answer to me, and the Goddess."

The oil formed something like a tendral, and upon entering her hands formed a sword made of the oil. She pressed it to both sides of his neck,"Now rise Sir Nathaniel Aequitas of the Goddess for you are reborn." Then she kissed him lightly on the forehead. The two sisters that had broken off returned with a new tunic, and pants for Nathaniel. They dressed him as he exited the oil, and returned his sword. He rolled up the old uniform taking it with him. The Lady pointed at the door as the sisters, and her redressed. The oil at there feet slowly vanishing.

He stowed the uniform in the storage area of the Mini-Jet. Sitting down in the cockpit he fiddled with the navigation aray. Setting up the propossed coordinates for Set's Pyramid. Taking off he tried to remember everything from Cyclops virtual training lesson.

"The trouble with international relations is they change on a dime. The X-men are an international Mutant Protection Group. What we do in other countries effects the fate of mutants everywhere. So keep that in mind before you go flying off the handle, literally. The cloak only gets you so far before it burns out on you. Takes a while to recharge too. There are essentially two kinds of pilots. By the instrument pilots that wouldn't know there ups from downs without a computer, and natural pilots whose minds calculate where they are every second as well as who is around them. Most military these days combine the two. It's not hard to get Vertigo up there. So watch yourself as you twist, turn, and weave. It sounds like fun till you're trying to go up thinking the ground is the sky."

Nathaniel grabbed the joystick. Coordinates were locked in, and flipped the switch to bring the cloak back on. He needed to get out London without causing too much fuss.

Back at Black Air Radar Station 6…..
"There it is again!"
"None of our agents have reported anything besides an odd rumbling. Curious," said the head officier,"Where is it going?"
"Don't know. It just hit the Deck."
"Minder-One isn't going to like this," said the head officer,"I'll make the call."

The Mini-Jet was blazing across the Atlantic, and the Mediterranean. Straight into Egypt. Nathaniel had no idea how he was going to find Set's Pyramid, but chances are it would find him.


One of the console lights lite up indicating he was near the coordinates. He searched a little ways, and then swooped around. He had to pull up hard when he nearly ran right into the pyramid. Putting the MiniJet down in front of the entrance. The place look like the years hadn't been kind to it.

Nathaniel made his way up the steps that had been rebuilt since they were last here. If Stygia was not a hell, why were we here? Chanting from the other room caught his attention thus ending the thought, instintively he drew his sword, and slowly walked in the direction of that chanting. Even with the old walls he knew he was heading back to the place the team battled Thoth-Amon the first time.

Peering around the coridor he saw Rachel on an altar wearing some sort of rags that barely covered her. Selene was standing at Rachel's head enjoying her feeding session. Surronding the altar was candles. Thoth-Amon was deeply chanting to his master. The contact he once knew was deeply strained.

Nathaniel slowly walked up to them. He didn't know how this was going to work, but he did know that he had to end it before something bad happened. "Release her."

Selene's eyes snapped open. She cursed herself for allowing herself to be so distracted. Her hands released Rachel.

Rachel moaned.

Thoth-Amon kept up his chant, increasing the pace.

"Who might you be to have stumbbled upon this place?"

"I am Sir Nathaniel Aequitas, Knight of the Goddess."

"Goddess, ha," she waved a hand in front of her face like she was bored already,"Well my dear here needs som rest, so I guess we can play for a while."

Nathaniel wanted nothing more then just to kill them, and take Rachel, but honor demanded this be made personal. He split his swords in two, and got ready.

Nathaniel found himself flung into the nearest wall. Selene was on him a second later. Trying to feed, but couldn't get past the oil.

"That was the whole plan? Sorcery versus the Sword always wins with Sorcery. I'd offer you pitty, but I haven't been physical with anyone in a while."

The swords reformed, and stabbed her straight in the chest with multiple blades.

She pushed herself off hard with her telekenesis, and began instintively healing herself. She barely got up her body armor in time to avoid the full force of the twin blade blast. It took her down, and was slowing down her regenerative properties. Nathaniel was on her then slashing, and stabbing. Trying to finish her. Finally she knocked him back against the wall again.

Nathaniel got up ready to finish it.

She looked at him with a look of scorn on her face, and then she was gone. Selene had other plans that couldn't afford the setback this would cause if she continued.

Nathaniel walked over to Thoth-Amon, and tapped him on the shoulder with his bloody twin blades.

Thoth-Amon looked at him for a second,"The Black Ring has been formed anew. Whatever happens here now is already of no consequence to me," and he faded from sight.

Nathaniel gathered Rachel in his arms, and walked back to the Mini-Jet.

A couple hours later back at the Lighthouse….

Nathaniel walked in, and put Rachel in her old bed. He pulled something that got stuck to his hand when she blasted him while whe was under Selene's control, and put the Suncharm in her hand.

"You still have a wish to make, love," he said kissing her hand.

"….Nathaniel….." she said almost in a dream fever.

He kissed on her forehead. Nightcrawler bamfed into the room, and perched himself on top of a chair.

"Miracle, indeed," said Kurt with a smile.

A small wave of energy caught Nathaniel as he was pulling up, and he kissed Rachel on the lips. Kurt, and the chair toppled over.

"….Date…" she said when he finally pulled off.

"Whenever you are well, I promise," said Nathaniel.

Nightcrawler was still getting up as Nathaniel was leaving.

"Take care of her, Kurt. I haft to go face Boom Boom, and find out how she plans on treating my infraction."

"Of course, and do not worry about Tabitha, she has a good heart."

With that Nathaniel walked out. Back to the Mini-Jet hoping he would have that chance to see her again. He hopped in the cockpit, and set navigation for the X-Mansion. It was time to head back.
Goddess, watch over her.

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