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Generation X Unlimited #5 - Majesty
Post by Cheshire on Apr 3, 2007, 3:10am

Cover: An African tribe dancing around a fire. In the background, there are mountains and the moonlit silhouette of a gazelle.

Title: "Majesty"

Writing Credits: Cheshire

Featuring: Joezelle, Joe Olson

The tribe sat, as was their custom, around their fire as the sun sank below the horizon. Anticipation was high, because the storyteller from another tribe was visiting, and he was to grace them with a story. As twilight fell, the wizened old man stood up, and a hush fell among the crowd. Lit only by the flames, he began.

"Underneath a different sky, filled with stars other than our own, there was a boy who possessed the secrets of magic. While mastering this gift, he came to a school of similar young men and women. They possessed powerful sorceries, capable of miracles. And it so happened that this boy, who was known by his people by the name "Jowh", found himself in the body of a gazelle." The storyteller cleared his throat, and took a deep drought from his gourd.

"This transformation set off a vibration that traveled through the darkness, over many eons, only to stop in our own sky. This vibration tickled one of our stars, and she was so startled by it that she fell onto the earth. And so it happened that she landed next to a sleeping gazelle, who in marvelous coincidence was known as "Jowh" in the language of beasts."

"As everyone knows, stars cannot survive apart from the sky, and so in her last breath, she transferred her magics to the gazelle. And o, what a wondrous change came upon it! It grew to nearly the size of a zebra, and its coat took on the shine of the star. It gained the gifts of human speech, as well as the strength of twelve water buffaloes."

"It is fortunate, then, that this gazelle was possessed of a pure heart. It thanked the star for this blessing, and took on the name "Joezelle." And so Joezelle set about the land, helping those in need: man, beast or…otherwise. "


Joezelle bounded through Savannah. He loved to leap through the air, and to feel the cool breeze brush his coat. It had the makings of a glorious day. Joezelle passed on, blissfully content, until he heard the screams of a small child.

Coming upon the source of the noise, he found a pitifully scrawny child of about nine. Lion was bearing down on him, grinning and gnashing his teeth. It was plain to all that Lion intended to make a meal of the child, never matter what a meager meal it would have been.

"Leave the child be, Lion," he bleated sonorously. He puffed out his broad chest, and spoke again. "He is but a small mouthful, and one that will be dearly bought. For you will have to contend with me if you intend to feast upon him."

Lion roared in rage. "Who dares defy the will of the King of Beasts? A simple gazelle? Bah! Your concerns are of no matter to royalty. Begone, lest I feast on you as well."

Joezelle knew then that it was futile to reason with Lion. He was ever headstrong and arrogant, and did not respond well to reason. Lowering his head, Joezelle charged at Lion, catching him in the ribs with the rounded part of his horns. Lion bellowed in pain, and rolled again to his feet.

"You DARE?! You dare defy the King of Beasts? I will rend your flesh with my claws, and gobble you in a single mouthful!" Joezelle leaped into the air, high over Lion's swipe, and trampled his proud face. Bleeding and humiliated, Lion whined plaintively. "Take the child, then. He would have been but a snack. Know that you have made a powerful enemy this day, gazelle!" And then Lion turned, and stalked off with his tail between his legs.

"Now, child, tell me…what tribe are you from?" Joezelle asked in the tongue of man. The child was quite still with awe, and befuddled at the words of his people being spoken by a gazelle. But, as all children are most accepting of the strange, he recovered quickly.

"I-I come from the Omasi tribe."

"Then you are a goodly distance away. In the future, do not travel so far from the lands of your people. Come, climb on my back and I will deliver you to your homeland."

Joezelle delivered the child before the sun set, an amazing feet. The child had been a thousand thousand paces from his homeland. The men of the Omasi tribe were quite overcome with the majesty of Joezelle, and the women fell to weeping in awe. Joezelle accepted a meal of fine vegetables, and bade the tribe farewell.


"And so it was accorded that Joezelle was a defender of man. In time, he would provide services so grand that no token man could offer would repay him. And that was not the last time that Joezelle clashed with proud Lion. But those are stories for another day. Ask tomorrow, and perhaps they will be told."

The tribe stood in wonder. They had all heard of the legend of Joezelle, but they had never heard it told with such grandeur. It was a very long time before the men of the tribe were able to sleep, as their discussions and re-tellings took them long into the night.

And so it was that the men of the tribe were sleepy eyed during the morning hunt. But not a single one of them grumbled, and they awaited the next story with the impatience of children.


Joe's eyes snapped open in the darkness. Rex was asleep beside him, and the digital clock read "4:00 AM". Joe got up carefully, and got a glass of water. "What a crazy dream," he murmured, and slipped back into bed. But as he drifted off, he could swear he heard bleating…and the thunder of hooves.

Re: Generation X Unlimited #5 - Majesty
Post by Cheshire on Apr 3, 2007, 3:13am

Author's Notes:

I ended up changing the tone of this quite a bit. It was originally supposed to be a very Silver Age sort of tale, with a crazy origin and a big battle in a zoo. But I decided, for no real reason, to go in the mythology direction. I think it works better than what I had in mind, but I'll let you be the judge.

Also, it was originally supposed to be just a one shot, but I've gotten ideas for a lot more stories, so I'll probably end up writing several more.

So, give me some feedback, people!

Re: Generation X Unlimited #5 - Majesty
Post by Cheshire on Apr 3, 2007, 6:46am

Edited, because I did a horrible job of describing the cover.

Re: Generation X Unlimited #5 - Majesty
Post by Pester on Apr 3, 2007, 8:25pm

I very much loved this. The whole mythology thing rocked my socks hard, and I can really get into the simplicity of just having the lion named Lion, and the savannah Savannah. This was tons of fun to read. If you make another one make sure you post it sometime in the morning of afternoon, and not the dead of night.

Re: Generation X Unlimited #5 - Majesty
Post by Cheshire on Apr 3, 2007, 8:27pm

Yeah, that was definitely a mistake. It will be rectified for the next few volumes (which I might put on the Mini Series board).

Thanks for the praise, Dean.

Re: Generation X Unlimited #5 - Majesty
Post by Rapt "Roc"/Fragment/Fraternity on Apr 3, 2007, 11:41pm

Yay! <_< Nice fic!

Re: Generation X Unlimited #5 - Majesty
Post by Cheshire on Apr 3, 2007, 11:41pm

Why thank you, Maj.

Re: Generation X Unlimited #5 - Majesty
Post by Meghan "Twilight" Sanders on Apr 3, 2007, 11:47pm

You already know my opinion. I loved it.

Re: Generation X Unlimited #5 - Majesty
Post by Daniel "Incendiary" O'Conner on Apr 3, 2007, 11:47pm

Awesome, very awesome.

But you knew that.

Re: Generation X Unlimited #5 - Majesty
Post by Cheshire on Apr 3, 2007, 11:47pm

Aww, guys, you're making me blush…

Re: Generation X Unlimited #5 - Majesty
Post by Nephy "Lifebeat" Nephrahim on Apr 4, 2007, 2:46pm

Hehehe, this was really fun.

Re: Generation X Unlimited #5 - Majesty
Post by Risk on Apr 5, 2007, 8:52pm

Just read this, and I love it. It's got a very jungle story feel to it, the same type that is always used in the books you read as children.

Excellent story.

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