Gen X 3

Generation X #3 – Dinosaurs are Forever

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Roster: Wildfire, Stardust, Hype, Lifebeat, Polarity, Sir Nathaniel, Dillan, Incendiary

Black Air Agent Monica Lestrange personally leads Generation X into the heart of the Savage Land to investigate reports that Carl Lykos, in his pteranodon form known as Sauron, has come across a weapon of great power.

As soon as Generation X has entered the Savage Land, they are ambushed by the Mutates. The battle isn’t terribly difficult once the team gets their bearings: Polarity quickly disables The Piper, Dillan defeats a bear, and Marcus manages to scare off Lupe and her wolves. The four-armed Mutate Barbarus attacks Polarity, and breaks his jaw. He probably had it coming.

Stegron the Dinosaur Man charges into the fray, and Agent Lestrange reveals herself to have super strength and invulnerability as she single handedly KO’s Stegron; Generation X isn’t thrilled to learn this.

This entire ordeal is witnessed by Zaladane, priestess of the Sun City. She informs the team that the Sun City has been destroyed by Sauron, who has gathered the Beast-Men of the Savage Land under him. This Horde has ravaged all who oppose, and are set to conquer Pandori, home of the cat-people. Zaladane points the team towards the volcanic flats known as the Searing Gorge, where Sauron is basing his operations.

A long, uncomfortable march later, Generation X finds themselves within view of a massive castle, formed from the very foundation of a volcano. Unfortunately, they are forced to retreat when a Horde patrol overruns them, forcing them into the jungles. Agent Lestrange is kidnapped by a patrol of mounted pteranodons, but Stardust saves her. They lose the rest of Gen X in the process.

The team encounters an unusual tyrannosaurus rex, which they manage to slay. With the Horde search party closing in, Marcus and Lestrange rendezvous with the group and together they discover an indirect route to Sauron’s keep. They are ambushed by Ka-Zar and Shanna, who recognize them as allies, and lead them to the keep’s secret entrance. Shanna warns of a powerful witch in league with Sauron, who has cast wards preventing denizens of the Savage Land from entering. Generation X, not being from the Land, enters no problem.

There the team finds three SHIELD agents, Belova, Conner, and Young, jailed in the keep.

Dillan interrogates them and learns that SHIELD has been tracking Sauron. According to the agents, The Mandarin was subdued by a woman named Kale, identified as a known sorceress. Kale is believed to be under Sauron’s psychic control, and grants Sauron the knowledge he needs to use the weapon she stole from the Mandarin: The Ring of Matter Rearranging. Using the Ring, Sauron crafted his kingdom, and rallied soldiers to his cause, probably through fear.

Generation X sees SHIELD as a way out of Black Air’s grasp, and opts to help them escape. However, Agent Conner is really Lykos in his indistinct human form, having been without mutant energies needed to sustain his alter ego. Generation X provides more than enough life energy, and after draining Sir Nathaniel, he transforms into his dinosaurian self.

Sauron’s psychic screams, fire breathing, and hypnosis are more than a match for the team, and having a ring that shapes the very world to his whim doesn’t exactly even the odds. He quickly disables Dillan, and turns Hype into his pawn. Generation X now suitably distracted, Wildfire attacks Sauron directly, hoping to shoot his hand off. She narrowly misses, blowing only a finger off, and he hypnotizes her into attacking the team as well.

Polarity and Lifebeat save the day, when Polarity realizes Sauron’s mangled hand, and directs Nephy to use Sauron’s blood to remove the Ring from his finger. Sauron, lost in his own monologues and power, doesn’t realize what’s happening until he’s already lost his Ring.

He makes a desperate attack towards Lifebeat, and Polarity throws himself between the two; his skid-field sends Sauron hurtling into a wall.

Sauron rallies himself for one final attack, but a revived SHIELD Agent Belova uses a weapon known as a Current Mark IV to render Sauron unconscious. When asked by Stardust what exactly she did, Belova replies the weapon simply “gave him a stroke.”

Agent Lestrange then congratulates the team, and demands the Ring, claiming she can return it to the Makluans who crafted Mandarin’s rings.

Agent Belova wants the Ring to complete her SHIELD assignment.

Generation X, not trusting any authorities at this point, opts to keep the Ring for themselves, and destroy it. Since neither Black Air nor SHIELD can lay official claim to such a botched operation, neither government agency can do anything about it.

Lestrange is furious, and immediately departs, stranding her pawns.

Belova offers Gen X passage home via Helicarrier, although since they haven’t scratched SHIELD’s back, SHIELD won’t assist them any further, even with Black Air. It doesn’t help Gen X’s cause when they learn that Agent Belova’s supervisor is Commander Maria Hill, who most of Gen X ran afoul of in their New Mutants days*.

Generation X returns home, no better off or worse then they were before. They are still blacked-out and dead, now to two of the world’s major players.

In a curious epilogue, Dillan and Lifebeat are charged by Wildfire to dispose of the Matter Rearranging Ring. The two of them jump to the future, but return to the present, instead hiding the ring within the foundation of the Generation X swimming pool. The rest of the team knows nothing of this misleading action…and the Ring itself is still connected to the Mandarin’s power…

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