Generation X #2 – On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

Generation X #2 – On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

Generation X 2 Complete

It's been three days since the Svalbard incident. In that time, Black Air has placed Generation X in a five-star hotel, one of London's finest. It's also a Black Air safe house. For three days, Generation X has been allowed to play tourist, to party, and to relax, all while under Black Air surveillance.

In those three days, no one has seen Rachel; Kitty hasn't been able to contact Kurt, Charles, or even Alex; Black Air has been casually interrogating Gen X about Svalbard; and no one has learned anything about what the hell exactly happened.

Early the 4th morning, Agents Lestrange and Wisdom have called Generation X into the hotel conference room. Agent Scratch, Lestrange and Wisdom’s superior, has been revealed as a traitor, specifically, the one who revealed Mesmer as a spy to Omega Red and the Sons of Niflheim in the previous mission.

Not only has Scratch gone to officially defect, he’s taken Rachel Summers, Gen X’s leader, with him. Generation X spearheads a charge to rescue Rachel, reluctantly knowing it will also serve Black Air’s greater purposes, as they’ll need to eliminate Scratch, one way or another. And that doesn’t sit well with anyone on the team.

Scratch has gone to ground in an old Black Air bunker beneath London, and Black Air believes he aims to use some sort of experimental transporter to teleport himself out of the country. To the best of Lestrange’s intel, he’s also enlisted demons in his service. Generation X arrives on the scene only to find the facility in eerie disrepair, with no sign of Scratch, but plenty of signs of struggle.

Exploring the facility, Generation X has several close non-encounters with possible terror, until Dillan confronts a mysterious figure, a battered demon. It’s close to death, and offers no clues, beyond the clarification that yes, there’s demons.

Suddenly Sir Nathaniel turns into his Demon form, and goes on a feral search for Rachel.

At that moment, another demon rears it’s head, ambushing the team before retreating into the darkness. Scratch’s corpse, or a piece of it, shows up at the end of the altercation.

Objective One, down, and Generation X never raised a finger.

Hype takes the opportunity to head to the surface and tell Black Air Scratch is dead.

Sir Nathaniel finds Rachel, imprisoned in a holding tank hooked up to some sort of machine. Hype returns, with Nightcrawler and Dusk in tow. They free Rachel, when suddenly Hype and Dusk turn on the team. Kurt, Sara, and Meghan are revealed as demons, and after engaging in a violent act of depravity, they attack Generation X.

Generation can’t hope to win, and it’s made worse by a stronger demonic presence snaking it’s way through the facility. The facility itself begins to erode into a blood-stained rusty cage. Generation X forces a retreat, with Stardust bravely taking point. He’s the first to encounter the new presence.

Wildfire, meanwhile, takes out the machine that Rachel’s cage was connected to, as it’s taken to making a loud, systematic pinging noise. Through sheer luck, the machine happened to be a crucial part of the transporter, and most of the demonic activity was washed away, back to where it came.

Marcus’s encounter ends up being against a demon similar to the dead one Dillan encountered, depowered now that the transporter has severed the link between worlds. He and Nephy dismember the creature in frustration, and to satisfy Nephy’s sadistic cravings.

Scratch dead and Rachel rescued, the team reports back to Black Air.

Lestrange tells them Rachel was kidnapped because Scratch had hoped to use her power to fuel the transporter in the facility. What Scratch didn’t know was the transporter he attempted to use was actually an old project dating to the Inferno incident, and actually transported the users…elsewhere.

It is also revealed that the Sons of Niflheim and their actions in Svalbard had something to do with the “Nimrod Virus”.

Being young and impulsive, Gen X doesn’t give a shit, and just wants to go home. Agent Wisdom then informs the team they can return to the Outback, but are still isolated from the rest of the world, courtesy of Black Air.

Black Air also makes it a point that Generation X is publicly dead.

Generation X returns to the Outback Compound.

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