Real Name - Nate Darwin, Nick Darwin

Code Name - Fraternity

Sex - Male

Age (11-18) - 14

Mutations/Powers - Communal mind (connected by either radio or telepathy >_>). Attribute sharing

The two share one identical mind, they are permanently psionicly linked. As such, they are one person, spread over both bodies. (making getting the right tense for them confusing!))

Attribute sharing: An aspect of one body can be lowered, and heightened by the same amount on the other. Normally, they equal out, so they are precisely the same. This means they can lower the physical strength on one body, and make the other stronger, while lowering the running speed/stamina on the stronger one, speeding up the other body, up to a limit of just below twice their normal ability at that attribute.

Look (describe your characters' height, weight, preferred clothing, etc) - Nate and Nick are identical twins, and dress almost exactly the same. They wear common teenager clothes; hoodies and jeans. they're 5'4", and of suprisingly strong builds (something they've managed to 'cheat', using their powers to weaken or strengthen one body to maximize any workout.

Personality - The twins, what with sharing a single mind, have identical personalities and knowledge. They're fairly normal, given the fact that they are one person spread over two bodies. They are your average 14 year olds.


The twins were born to a normal family, raised as a normal set of twins, and all their identical'ness was passed off as part of being identical twins.

The fact they were mutants only came out, when Xavier rolled into their lives, and made the offer to move them into his school, where their uniqueness could be better handled.

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