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For the good of the Team
Post by Protoman on Jan 15, 2007, 2:04am

A one shot by Oro and myself, it answers what some of you have been wondering.

Title: For the Good of the Team

Cover Description: An older version of Lex and Dillan standing in a field of dead bodies.

"I can't believe you!" screamed Lex as he and Dillan crossed time-square. "You're the one hassling me about the mission and you decide to stop and get a freaking pretzel!"

Dillan sighed. "Well I would've gotten Ice Cream if someone wouldn't have bitched at me the whole time about being diabetic. God damn it Lex, calm down for once. Our mission isn't exactly a hard one."

"What isn't hard about this?! We've been going through time KILLING people so they won't join the team! That ranks as hard for me, I'm not too big on the whole killing thing!" Lex yells.

"Would you quiet down? People can hear you." Dillan responds. "Besides, you know this needs to be done."

Lex would never understand how Dillan did it. He could talk about killing someone, or have just finished killing someone and then he could just play it off like he flushed a toilet or something equally simple. He wasn't sure if Dillan truly believed his justifications or if his best friend was just sick.

"So what have we got to do first?" questioned Lex, leaning over to Dil and ripping off a piece of his pretzel.

"You know this already Lex." laughed Dillan as they continued their walk through New York city. "You're going to start a big ass fire, and then when the Avengers come to stop you, I'm going to sneak into the mansion and examine their files. It's the only way I can get an exact pinpoint on our future teammates."

It was oddly random, but some the men and women and that would join their team in the coming years all had a common connection - The Avengers, but Dillan wasn't exactly sure what that connection meant. He needed time to study their files hoping to find a clue.

Lex clearly didn't like this, but he had to do it. He runs off behind an apartment building that he knows is full of people. "Here goes nothing." In an instant the building is in flames.

God damn it Lex. Only you would start a freaking apartment fire when asked to draw out the Avengers. He watched in horror as Lex began spreading the fire to other nearby buildings, but eventually wound up impressed. It put a lot of strain on his body, but Lex was doing all he could to keep the fires on only the outside of the buildings.

As he had planned, the Avengers did eventually show up and put on a big show of putting out the fire. It barely took Dillan a minute to warp himself into the mansion and begin accessing their mainframe.

He began entering the necessary search terms and skimmed the wall of information that appeared until he found what he was looking for. He warped away from the building and met Lex at their designated meeting place. Something was bothering him, but he didn't bother asking what.

"We're dealing with Kang here. God damn Kang." cursed Dillan, brandishing a stack of papers. "Turns out in one of the Avengers "less publicized" adventures, Kang had gone out of his way to kidnap dozens of couples.

I don't have all the details, but from what I can gather he implanted nano-bots into the bloodstreams of these men and women that the Avengers had to leave alone since they simply didn't get all the technology. I've got theories, but we can't know anything until I get my hand on some of those nanites."

"So," stated Lex "if we get some of those and find a way to neutralize them, wouldn't that mean we don't have to kill anybody?"

"Not necessarily," Dillan responds. "I'm not sure if we CAN neutralize them."

Lex looked down at his feet. "So we'll still have to kill them."

Dillan removed the final piece of his pretzel from his pocket and jammed it into his mouth. "It's only four people…"


"Hey man, calm down. You know we don't have a choice."

Lex takes a deep breath, allowing himself to calm down a bit. "Ok, FINE. Who's first? Lets fucking get this over with."

-Salem Center, Westchester New York-

Joanna Elric sat at the edge of a fountain in the town's square. She had come so far, but to be so close to her goal…her goal of finding sanctuary for people like her: Mutants.

"Hope that guy wasn't just jerking my chain…"

"Dillan, she's just a kid." Lex says quietly so as not to alert her to their presence.

"You knew she would be. You also know that I can't so this one…" Dillan looks like he's on the verge of tears.

"I know…I know…" Lex walks out of the shadows, coming up just behind the girl. The area was crowded, but he knew that Dillan would get him out as soon as it was done. He reaches into his jacket and pulls out a pistol that once belonged to Wreck. He points it at her he "I'm sorry," he says quietly as he pulls the trigger.

Before people in the surrounding area could even register that a gun had gone off Lex and Dillan were gone, reappearing in the back of a large van that Dil had prepared for the occasion.

"Christ, Dil. You didn't tell me you were gonna warp the body with us." whimpered Lex, color draining from his face. Dillan ignored him and injected a large needle into the body, drawing blood.

He added a small amount of the still warm blood to a strange sensor attached to his computer. He quickly types in a string of code and shuts the machine. He then adds the remaining blood to wrist mounted…well…it could only be described as a small angular blender.

"Well, the good news is that I've been able to create an signal similar to the one these nanites have been sending out. Kang won't know one of his sleepers has been deactivated." Rage filling his face, Lex rushed Dillan and thrust him against the side of the van.

"GOD DAMN IT DILLAN! SHE WAS YOUR WIFE!" shouted Lex, the door of the van heating up around Dillan. The device on Dil's wrist began whirring and his eyes began glowing a deep purple.

Lex turned away from his friend. "Fucking hell man. You don't have any shame do you?" he spat, noting the portable mutant growth hormone creator that Dillan wore like an accessory. Outlawed in their time, portable MGH creators could transform a blood sample from any mutant or otherwise super-human individual and create a simulant of it within it's wearers body.

Dillan exited the van and dragged Lex out with him. "We're going to need Joanna's powers if we're going to take down the rest of them Lex. Now burn it all." he grunted. Lex couldn't be sure, but he was positive Dillan had mouthed the words "I'm sorry" as the vehicle containing the body of the woman he loved burn to ash before them.

"Ok…" Lex says, almost crying himself. "Where to next?"

"Virginia. I don't even think you need to guess this one."

He didn't, there was only one possibility. "It's Jon isn't it? He's the only teammate I can think of that's from Virginia."

"Yeah, it is."

-Norfolk, Virginia-

They appear across the street from their future/former teammate's house.

"That's his house," Lex points it out. "I remember coming here to get him."

"Alright, lets go," Dillan responds.

As they cross the street Jon Cruze walks out of his house and heads in the opposite direction of them.

"I've got this one," Dillan pulls out Wreck's other pistol and sneaks up behind Jon. He extends his arm and is about to pull the trigger when Jon spins around and grabs his arm.

"Not a chance. I don't know who you are, but you can't beat my reflexes," Jon says. Almost laughing he flips Dillan over his head and throws him into the ground.

"Shit," Lex says as he watches, wondering why Dillan didn't just go ahead and use Joanna's powers. Was he trying to keep Wreck's memory by using his guns?

The MGH synthesizer of Dil's wrist activated himself and not only did his eyes glow purple, but so did the field of energy around his body.

"Always thought you were so much better than the rest of us Jon." stated Dil, as he hovered above his opponent. "Didn't care about mastering your powers or helping people, just wanted the spotlight that came from running around and using a costume." blood ran down from Dillan's nostril's as the telekinetic energy that surrounded his body shot forward and into Jon's eyes, ears, nose and mouth - tearing him apart from the inside out.

"Jesus Dillan, she never used her powers like that…" Lex mutters. "I never liked Jon much, but Christ man…"

"That's two down," Dillan says. He seems unphased by what just happened. Like before, Dillan takes a blood sample from a chunk of Jon's flesh, analyzes it, and places it into his MGH synthesizer. Lex doesn't even need to be told that he's got to incinerate to body.

The two don't bother teleporting this time around, their target apparently in walking distance to Jon's house.

"Kinda weird that Jon lived so close to Evan huh?" questioned Lex, trying to take his mind off of what had just happened and what would happen next.

"Not really." stated Dil. "They've got the same father. Apparently Jon's pops wasn't getting it at home so he started sleeping with the lady down the block. The pair stopped in front of what Lex assumed was the house and noticed a pregnant woman struggling to get her groceries out of her car and into her house.

Lex walks over to her, "Here, let me help you with those." He takes the groceries from her. "Is this your house?"

"Yes." she replies, smiling at Lex. He escorts her into the house with the groceries and then after being thanked by her, he exits. Before Dillan can say at word to him Lex raises his hand.

"No." he states firmly. "I know that she's carrying Evan around in there but there's no way in hell I'm touching her or that baby. The only reason the sleepers were able to take us out is because there were four of them with such a wide range of powers coming at us we didn't know what to do. If Evan still flips out on us, we can take him down no problem."

Dillan looks at Lex and then at the house. "Sorry Lex…gotta complete the mission." With that Dillan vanishes.

"Dillan, NO!" From inside the house Lex hears 4 gunshots and Dillan appears in front of him, his shirt is splattered with blood. "I can't believe you just did that…."

"It had to be done," Dillan responds has he reloads his gun. Lex refused to look at his friend and teammate. It just boggled his mind how he could just…kill.

Dil sighed as he looked at Lex. "Remember why we're doing this. Those guys were going to wind up killing us all. They killed Jubilee, Lex."

"I know. I know, but she wouldn't have wanted this. None of them would have. How can we possibly live with ourselves after all this?"

"We won't have to. Once we finish off the last one we'll pretty much cease existing, but that also means that none of friends will die."

"That isn't the point Dillan…." Lex looks to be on the verge of tears again. "I don't know what happened to you man…you never used to be like this."

"I had to change Lex, I taught myself that a long time ago."

"Whatever," He still can't look at Dillan. "Can I ask you a favor?"

"I suppose," Dillan responds.

"Take me to the future of this world, just for a few minutes. If we're not going to exist anymore…I want to see my daughter. I've never even seen my daughter…"

"Alright Lex, but only quickly. Withing seconds they are at Xavier's, it's late and dark. They're standing in the woods, in front of them is a stunning brunette.

"Jesus…she's so beautiful," Lex says as the tears finally come. "I never even got a chance to know her and I love her so much. I need to tell her." He starts to leave the woods, but is stopped.

"No, you can't. It will mess things up more than they already are."

"Fuck that man! I need to talk to my daughter!"

"No, now quiet, she'll hear you. If you went down there do you really think you could make her understand?"

Lex sighs, "No, you're right…"

"Just look at her for a little longer, then we'll leave."

Lex watches her, without Dillan noticing he begins to burn something into the tree. When he's done, it reads I'll always love you Alexia…

"Time to go," Dillan grabs Lex's shoulder and the vanish. The last thing Lex sees in that time is Alexia look at where they are, as if she knew.

They appear back in Virginia.

"Lets just get this over with, where is she?" He already knows who the last person is.

Before Lex can even realize it the two of them are back in New York City, this time in Central Park.

"She should be approaching right, about, now."

Lex looked extremely worried, the last time he'd fought her he'd nearly died. "Alright…I'm ready for her."

Kidd was caught completely off guard as she was struck by a ball of fire and a wave of telekinetic energy. She had been wandering around New York for days after her fight with Kelly and she needed sleep badly. A fight was the last thing she wanted.

"Lex!?" she screamed, swooping down and noticing how much older he looked, same with Dillan. "What's going on here?"

Lex could barely look at her, say nothing about answering her. She's hit with another huge fireball. Dillan wraps his tk field around the stunned mutant girl and approaches her, pistol drawn.

"We're sorry about this Kidd, we truly are, but we're trying to protect our friends." As his finger presses on the trigger, a bullet flies forward from the weapon straight towards Kidd's face. Just before it can strike however, it suddenly reverses it's motion and flies backward's into Dillan's chest.

"Manipulating kinetic energy is as simply as breathing to me!" she screams, extending her arms and breaking the weakened field around her body. She then turns her gaze to Lex.

Lex finally looks at her. "Why did you kill him? WHY!?!?!?" Kidd eyed Lex curiously.

"Are you blind or something? Your buddy just tried to murder me, it was self-defense! What exactly is going on here?!"

"If I told you…you wouldn't believe me."

"Try me!"

"If that's what you want. You're a sleeper agent that Kang left in the past to eventually kill the New Mutants. There were four of you, we've killed three."

Kidd looks at Lex oddly for a moment before breaking out into laughter.

"You know what the best part is?" she stated though her howls of laughter. "The best part has to be that you two actually thought that you had a chance of stopping my plan. As we speak my sleepers have been replaced and now you…you shall be eliminated."

"What the hell!? Kang?" Lex sends a blast of ice at Kidd. "Shit…SHIT!"

As the blast of ice melts around Kidd, Lex dives towards Dillan's body and snatches his MGH synthesizer from his wrist. Maybe with Jon and Joanna's powers he could…

"ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRHHHHH!" he screamed in agony as the device exploded on his skin. Kidd…Kang…whoever, had obviously used their powers to manipulate the energy within the device.

"Your time draws to a close Lex." She walked closer to him.

"Not like this…" Lex tries to scramble to his feet, but falls.

Kidd extends her arm and index finger, from the finger she sent out a beam of concentrated energy. Lex doesn't even have time to scream, his head explodes. His now headless body slumps to the ground.

Still under the manipulation of outside forces, Kidd uses ambient heat in the air to incinerate the bodies of Lex and Dillan. When the deed is done, she takes back off into the skies above New York, all recollection of the incident fading from her mind.

A Place outside of time

"Heh." The machinations of a time-traveling Dillan and Lex had almost ruined his sleeper agent plot but he was lucky enough to have noticed that Dillan hadn't bothered trying to simulate the nanite frequencies that that the infant was producing.

Still, he had learned a great deal. For one, he realized that Dillan Drummond would be a problem. Most the alternate versions of him he had encountered were cowardly and useless, but this one was different, and judging by the way the present timeline's Dillan was shaping up, he might possibly be even more of an annoyance.

Lex was the bigger problem however. In almost all the timeline's he had viewed, his unrelenting devotion to his friend's schemes had led them both to ruin in the very end, allowed them to carve a path of destruction if that was Dillan's desire.

Still, it didn't look as if these versions of Lex and Dillan would ever amount to much of a problem for him. The time-traveling one had all but cast himself down a road of self-destruction and the other barely knew if he wanted to remain with the New Mutants.

"I still think he's a threat Kang." grunted Cable, standing at the time-traveling conqueror's shoulder. He didn't want to be there, but at this point he really had no choice.

"Don't worry Cable. That impudent boy will meet his downfall sooner than you think."

Re: For the good of the Team
Post by Armando "Army" Rosewell on Jan 15, 2007, 9:13am

Wow a lot to take in.

Why Dillan have to kill the pregnant woman? ;_; Couldn't he have just got the kid a little later…killing a pregnant woman is pretty low…also, Kidd is evil? I mean, really evil? I liked her…

But, overall, good work - if somewhat disturbing…

Re: For the good of the Team
Post by Star/Muse on Jan 15, 2007, 9:15am

Nope, you've got it wrong. Kidd isn't evil, she was being remote controlled by Kang.

Re: For the good of the Team
Post by Armando "Army" Rosewell on Jan 15, 2007, 9:18am

Oh, duh. :X Poor reading comprehension and lack of caffeine

Re: For the good of the Team
Post by Star/Muse on Jan 15, 2007, 9:21am

Unfortunately, someone who could take out the entire team of New Mutants on her own being remote controlled by Kang? Bad, bad news…

Re: For the good of the Team
Post by Wreck on Jan 15, 2007, 9:36am

Funnily enough, I'm pretty sure Wreck said that Dillan would end up pissing off Kang back in one of the really early missions

Re: For the good of the Team
Post by Dillon Drummond on Jan 15, 2007, 10:48am

Jan 15, 2007, 9:36am, Wreck wrote:Funnily enough, I'm pretty sure Wreck said that Dillan would end up pissing off Kang back in one of the really early missions

It's funny because I sorta remember that.

And Last - The pregnant woman murder totally wasn't my doing

Re: For the good of the Team
Post by Protoman on Jan 15, 2007, 11:42am

I'll take full credit for making Dillan kill the pregnant woman.

Re: For the good of the Team
Post by Armando "Army" Rosewell on Jan 15, 2007, 11:47am

Don't worry about. It's not like I'm going to penalize you or anything; was just shocking. It's cool to be shocked every now and then.

Re: For the good of the Team
Post by Protoman on Jan 15, 2007, 10:04pm

I agree, those type of things can really add to a story.

Re: For the good of the Team
Post by Dillon Drummond on Jan 15, 2007, 11:38pm

Yeah, they also make Lex look like the one with a steady moral compass.

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