Daughters Of Ragnarok

As SHIELD, STRIKE, SWORD, and the rest fell to The Authority, Black Air readied Mother England with one final gambit: the re-initiation of their own Mutant Wetworks program.

Name: Huldiir
Nationality: Swedish
Age: 32
Powers: Can control pheromones, producing physical reactions in anyone she touches. Anyone breaching her pheromonal aura in close combat is swayed under her thrall. She is able to heal others by speeding up their healing process, and can increase their stamina so that they won't tire easily, giving her teammates rushes of adrenaline, and granting them light super strength.

Look - 5’11”, blonde, with a supermodel figure. She wears a skin-tight exo-suit to enhance her combat skills, and wields a high-frequency bladed whip.

History - Following the Gen X compound's explosion and her imprisonment with X-Force, Huldiir opted to return to Agent Lestrange and Black Air, sitting idly by while Scandinavia fell under Authoritarian thrall. She returns to her duties as Black Air's Mutant Field Ops Commander,


Name: Lyra "Tangent" Byrnison
Aged: 24
Nationality: Norwegian
Powers: She possesses a neural induction which allows her to calculate over a thousand possible combat scenarios in a second, allowing her the perfect counter to any attack. Black Air granted her fibre-lined muscles, increasing her strength, durability, and reflexes. Ability to use virtually any object as a projectile.

She is also able to watch another person's physical movements and duplicate them without practice as long as it is physically possible for an ordinary human to accomplish. Tangent can move faster than the human- and even superhuman- eye in a quick speed burst, an effect perhaps created by her perfect anticipation of an enemies' moves.

Look - 5'4", with swept blonde hair. She wears a black bodysuit often adorned with her throwing blades and tonfas, and wears a long, trailing black scarf around her neck. Her signature weapon is a pair of billy clubs held together with a tether (like Daredevil), and the tops of the clubs can be removed to reveal stilleto blades.

History - Lyra tracked down Inque, continuing their work as mercenaries, and recently rejoined Black Air, if only to get a shot at the Gen X members of old.


Name: Sophia "Inque" Contadina
Nationality: Italian
Age - 29
Notes - indigo skin and violet eyes
Powers: Shapeshifter, can turn into a dark liquid and slide through the smallest cracks, or apply herself to the surface of an object in order to avoid detection. She's composed of an oily substance, but has a great aversion to electricity.

Look- variable. In her "normal" state, Inque is 5'5”, with indigo skin, violet eyes, and short black hair. She rarely assumes the form of other humans unless it’s for convenience’s sake; she is proud of her mutant gene.

History - Inque continued the Sons of Niflheim after Huldiir returned to Black Air. When Black Air came to her and her squad, practically begging to assist them in staving off The Authority, she couldn't resist the feeling of dominance it gave her.


Real Name – Alyssa Nephrahim
Code Name –
Sex - Female
Age – 28

Mutations/Powers – Energy Vampirism. Her ability to suck energy out of things has extended to most other realms. She can now absorb Thermal, Kinetic, and even the energy of chemical bonds by touch. She keeps a constant charge, no longer needing to constantly feed. Her hair remains Red because of this, and can now move of it’s own free will after being activated for so long. Her strength has increased enormously, into the Class 100 range, and her reaction time has become nigh instantaneous, but her body is still only capable of around Mach 1.

Look – 5’10 Alyssa's aging has continued to decelerate, to the point of now, almost in the thirties, she barley looks old enough to get a drink. This dosen’t bother her in the least, since she still figures she’s going to live a full life, and that will be longer for her then everyone else. Her hair, as mentioned, has become Red, and she no longer looks very much like Lisa, who has passed her in physical age.

Personality – Her personality has not much changed. She is still pleasant, though enjoys tormenting people when she gets a chance. For example, she would never do like Lisa and attack a teammate, or go out of her way in a fight to inflict pain. She’s just a bitch to people she dosen’t like, a category that is dominated by her sister.

History: Shortly after getting away from X-force, Alyssa left The Sons, opting to enjoy life off the radar. With her powers, she pretty much ran over a few small nations in Africa and the Middle east, not enough of a threat for a world response but to strong for anything local to deal with. As the Authority began flexing it’s muscle and started gobbling up the very nations she was destroying, Alyssa quickly ran into Lisa. A great big shock to Alyssa, Incarnadine humiliated her in the subsequent fight, which Alyssa has been trying to rectify for quite some time. In hopes of that, she has made he way back to England to join the only Resistance still standing.


Name: Skadi
Nationality: Norwegian
Age: unknown
Powers: Psionic ability to manipulate thermal energy. Skadi is able to lower her body temperature without causing harm to herself, reaching minus 105°F within a few tenths of a second. She is able to freeze any moisture in the air around her into unusually hard ice to form weaponry and armor. Usually travels by freezing an area and moving through the ice.

She is immune to sub-zero temperatures.

Look- Skadi has blue skin and white hair, and is usually armored with a translucent shell of ice.

Personality - Skadi never left Inque's side, and although she agrees with the Authority, her grudge with the X-Members of old, coupled with her mental imbalance, makes her the perfect weapon for Black Air to pit against the oppressors.


Name: Janne “Valkyr" Dahl
Age: 26
Nationality: Danish
Notes: Valkyr is completely blind.
Powers: Super-speed, 360 degrees radar sense. Possesses a kinetic conversion field – however, this can only process kinetic energy that has already impacted her, and she will sustain the damage from the impact regardless. As a result, her speed can be amplified upon physical punishment. Super speed approaches light-speed when fully charged. The more punishment she takes, the more her amplification.

She is also capable of stealing kinetic energy and converting it for speed amplification, super-strength, and speeding healing.

Look - short blonde hair; wears a leotard with exposed legs (see Caitlin Fairchild). She’s blind, and wears a black visor when in uniform.

History - Always staying off the radar, Valkyr follows her friend Huldiir in every decision she makes, including re-signing with Black Air for a full pardon.


Name: Mei "Totem" Cao
Nationality: Madripoor
Age: 27
Powers: Totem can make direct contact with Earth's Morphogenetic field. This allows her to mimic the abilities of any animal she can think of, by simply focusing on a specific animal's abilities and then drawing it directly from the field.

Totem is an absolutely lethal hand-to-hand fighter, in addition to an expert on poisons. She coats her fingernails and weapons with all manner of chemicals.

Look- Totem is small and lithe, with short black hair, and usually wears a black Vibranium padded battle suit. She wears gauntlets that extend twin claws from the knuckles.

History - Disgraced by Madripoor and Asia's cowing to the Authority, Totem returns to England, the only nation staunchly resisting the new world order. Attempting to live quietly is difficuly for a born and bred soldier, and when Agent Lestrange offered her amnesty to work for Her Majesty's Secret Service again, Totem accepted.


Name: Conrad Fox
Age: 26
Powers: Cyberpathy. Conrad can intuitively access, control, and understand information and technology. A mechanical genius, he can sense radio waves and electronic signals and by manipulating his abilities he can understand a number of different languages.

Look - 6'2. 300lbs. Wears an exo suit similar to Huldiir's only this one is full bodied, and he hides behind a skull helmet. He wields a rail-gun hand cannon and a light saber.

History- Conrad is a cold machine at this point, loyal only to Black Air and the Daughters. As Wildfire and he grow more similar with every augmentation, a final confrontation is inevitable.

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