Dan Incandescence Barton

Real Name - Daniel Barton
Code Name - Incandescence
Other Aliases: Incendiary, Holocaust(II), Hawkeye (II)
Sex - Male
Age (11-18) - 28
Mutations/Powers -
Daniel Barton's abilities have increased ten-fold in the last ten years. He has greater control of flames, able to create any construct he pleases. He is now able to generate fire from any part of body, making him able to cover himself with fire(like the Human Torch).
By forming a jet from his feet, he is able to fly at speeds up to 200 miles per hour. Wears a containment suit to further increase his control over fire and to prevent a mass energy overload.

Has become more proficient with his bow, on par with Hawkeye in terms of skill.

Look (describe your characters' height, weight, preferred clothing, etc) - Now 6'5" and about 220 lbs, Dan hasn't changed that much in appearance. He wears the same type of clothing, along with a containment suit or a power dampening device to suppress his powers.

Personality - Shedding his joke-cracking asshole personality long ago, Daniel tends to be more quiet his 1982 counterpart, probably caused by the death of his adoptive father, Clint Barton. He rarely ever jokes around and despises those who do.

History: Shortly after the Onslaught incident, Daniel attempted to reform a new group of Avengers, consisting of himself(taking up the garb of Hawkeye), Patriot(Elijah Bradley), Rage(Elvin Halliday),Night Thrasher(Dwayne Taylor), Sleepwalker, and Swordsman (Andreas Strucker).
After falling at the hands of the Thunderbolts(shortly before The New Mutants took them down), Incandescence disbanded the group, saying they disgraced the Avengers name.

After operating independently for a while, he was contacted by Nicolette. He quickly agreed to her offer, wanting to be in a team setting again.

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