Real Name - Almond Quimby.
Code Name - Current.
Sex - Male.
Age - 15. Appeared about 90 when he joined the New Mutants.

Mutations/Powers - Electrokinesis. Your standard ability to control, generate, or absorb electrical fields; shoot lightning and so forth. While Current still resided in his physical body, his abilities were practically limited due to his special physiology, but his energy form has no such limitations. He is, simply put, extremely powerful. Even before his death, however, his skill level in the use of his powers was rather masterful.

Previously, Almond possessed the normal human strength, agility, speed and stamina of a man his "age" who had engaged in little physical exercise. Now, his strength is potentially incalculable. However, since his form is too insubstantial to effective lift or push things, this is effectively meaningless.

Current also has some skill in stick fighting.

Look - Simply put, Almond looked like a very old person. He looked he would have looked in around 75 years - his body was artificially aged due to unforeseen complications with his X-gene and an inborn genetic defect explained in the History section. As such, his looks ccould be summarized as small and shrumpled. He was about 5'4'', weighed 110 pounds, was covered in wrinkles, and had a head full of thin, white hair. He had dull grey eyes, and was very slowly losing his eyesight. He was quite thin, and walked in a sloped manner. He still had most of his teeth, and his cheekbones were pronounced in a manner similar to Peter Cushing. He had a habit of dressing in a manner specifically countering his age, e.g. what he would normally have be wearing, which was usually jeans and a jumper. He always wore black metal cane.

At this point, however, Current looks nothing like this. All his physical features are gone. All that remains is a manifestation of his powers, an etheral form of "living" electrical energy, existing only on the fringes of existance. He effectively appears as a lightning bolt contorted into a vaguely humanoid shape. It has specific limbs, composed of constantly circulating electrical energy. Naturally, he emits a very bright, white-blue glow. In this form, Almond lacks all senses except vision (he can in all directions at once) and audition. He's also still vaguely aware of his body, has a weak sense of balance which doesn't hinder him from moving and can feel pain at certain times. Bizarrely, he can still talk.
As such, Almond has no need for sustenation of any kind. He also finds it impossible to sleep.

Personality - Almond has always had certain ideals for what his personality should be like. It has always been his nature to be manipulative, and conceal as much about himself as possible.

He has always found, or tried to find, ways to use his apparent age to his advantage, especially as a method to gain sympathy. He's always tried to appear as a pleasant, patient and friendly old man, always ready to give advice and listen to others. He's a very good liar, so this has worked for him on many occasions. He's used his superficial personality, in addition to his apparent age, as a way to make himself appear weaker and lull others into illusions about his true capabilities. On another level, however, he has hoped that people would like him more like that.

In reality, he's not quite so nice. He's always been understandably bitter about his condition, and he has a large potential for evil. He can be very cruel and sinister. His temper has also started to show. While he's quite often depressed, he also doesn't like showing the fact.
Almond is rather intelligent, and has no signs of low self-esteem or ego problems. He's actually quite arrogant.
His experience with death has mellowed him somewhat. He's been a lot calmer and more easy-going, as well as a bit more philosophical since then.

History - Almond grew up in a normal suburbian neighbourhood of an unimportant major city with his mother. He never knew his father, and for a good reason. His mother was sexually abused by her father while growing up, and ended up pregnant. She later escaped to have a baby, and managed to build up the fascimile of a normal life. Almond is unaware of this. A single generation of incest is not enough to create serious birth defects or genetic disorders, but in Almond's case - a spontaneous X-gene manifestation - the results were sudden and unexpected, resulting in a complex problem in his genetic make-up.

Almond's powers first manifested at the age of twelve, due to a stressful situation in the form of being present at a store robbery. Almond managed to fry the robber and cut the power from several city blocks. A few days later, he began to age rapidly, creating massive collateral damage with the accidental use of his powers in the process. He aged about sixty years until the process slowed down. At that point, his mother chased him away from home.

He spent the next several years trekking through the country, often stealing and robbing for food. All the while, he still aged faster than he should have, but he also used the time to learn how to control his powers… and to attain a very cynical outlook on life.

Over time, his exploits became more notorious, and also criminal. Due to the bad press associated with an old mutant geezer travelling the western seaboard, spreading terror and havoc - and naturally also to help him move onwards from such a life - the X-Men arranged for him to join Xavier's School of Gifted Youngsters, and the next generation of teenaged mutant peacekeepers coincidentally being put together at the time.

Current sacrificed himself in a blaze of glowing elderly energy to save the rest of the team from Sentinels and Master Mold. Unbeknownst to the team, but beknownst to the readers, Current recently popped up alive in an energy form and helped Dr. Pym fight off Ultron. He seems to be trying to procure a robot body for himself.

Later on, Current returned to team up with Heatwave, Wreck, and the New Mutant team to stop Charge, his evil counterpart from the Age of Apocalypse.

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