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Covenant [Mission #17 Set Up]
Post by Meisha "Muse" Aisha on Jul 17, 2007, 6:12pm


A point of interest.

None of them have called to me before. Not in this manner. Not consciously, and definitely not one who could inspire fear this readily. Any sane mortal would have reason to fear him to some extent.

It's certainly interesting.

As I warp into his chambers, I do have to wonder what he could have to offer me. There is no reason that he would call for me if he did not want something, and, well… nothing is free in this world or the other.

What he himself desires is a secondary concern.

True, I was willing to offer the rest of them, barring the self-forsaken Russian girl, their desires for free, but his is a different case.

This could prove to be very interesting indeed.

Re: Covenant [Mission #17 Set Up]
Post by Wreck on Jul 17, 2007, 6:18pm

Still sitting on the rubble. Still leaning on the staff. Blight glances up with his teeth-eyes that should be expressionless, but manage to convey a look of pure tiredness all the same.

"Well, well. Speak….think? Think of the devil."

Re: Covenant [Mission #17 Set Up]
Post by Meisha "Muse" Aisha on Jul 17, 2007, 6:22pm

"Thoughts are dangerous."

In most cases. His, for one, are poisonous… that is, for anyone who isn't already privy to that kind of cancerous knowledge.

He doesn't quite take my interest. Not yet. The staff does, though. I snatch it from him to observe it - study it - but ultimately? It falls far short of amusing me in its intricacies. For that reason, I cast it back down at his feet.

"Yours, for example, speak of things you should never have learned."

That blood. It really is tacky, and very cliched. There's a difference between a classic and a cliche, and that falls under the category of a cliche. I mean, writing in blood?

It just has to go.

With a snap of my fingers, it fades away.

"Your desire bleeds off of you. It's far too obvious. But why don't you put it out into words for me? Not the grandiose, self-serving one. The simpler one."

Re: Covenant [Mission #17 Set Up]
Post by Wreck on Jul 17, 2007, 6:28pm

Blight chitters.

"What do I want, past the grandiose, self-serving wish to watch everything burn around me?"

And the chittering stops, as he abruptly looks very bitter.

"…..nothing. I want nothing, because there is nothing. I've been shuffled into the role of a bit player, and there is no way to escape. Which explains the grander goal. Through nothing, everything."

Re: Covenant [Mission #17 Set Up]
Post by Meisha "Muse" Aisha on Jul 17, 2007, 6:32pm

"I won't allow you to bring 'nothing' to pass. You see… it conflicts with my own ambitions, and in that, your existance is rather troublesome."

I pause, turning back to him, smirking evilly.

"I could wipe you out of existence by batting an eyelid, immortal or not. A blink of an eye is all that it would take… can you grasp that?"

A beat. A moment, for him to consider the fact.

"But perhaps that needn't come to be. Perhaps I could appease you for the interim, and in doing so, amuse myself. You had a purpose in your call, little Jason. What was that purpose?"

Re: Covenant [Mission #17 Set Up]
Post by Wreck on Jul 17, 2007, 6:44pm

"Can you grasp that you'd be doing me the greatest favor imaginable? If I can't see an end to reality, an end to myself would suffice. The boy had the right idea. Or he would have, if…."

Blight shakes his head.

"Doesn't matter. I suppose if I do have a desire, I want out of my prison. I wish to no longer be bound by silly scripts of unseen playwrights. I want to be free to carve my own path, and whether that bodes ill or good, well….this is the surprise, isn't it?"

His eyes shut. Click.

"This reality is yours to shift about as you see fit. I desire a bit of the same. Allow me to control this part of the realm."

Re: Covenant [Mission #17 Set Up]
Post by Meisha "Muse" Aisha on Jul 17, 2007, 6:52pm

The smirk grows wider.

"That's not what I meant by the end of your existence. Perhaps I was somewhat lacking in its description. Your… consciousness would remain."

I wave my hand dissmissively with a shake of my head.

"Your own path…. Hm. I suppose it would be entertaining enough… and I already have what I want. Entertainment is all that I desire at this point. Very well. The control I am granting you branches no farther than this world. A trifle in comparison to the full degree of power I have… but in honesty, trifles make perfection, and perfection is no trifle."

He blinks with a click of those curious eyes of his… and a tiny degree of the power passes. There is no strike of lightening, no dischordant clash, no display of power flashing across the room as I allow him power beyond that which he may have ever considered. No drama.

"Enjoy a fraction of infinity."

I warp out.

Re: Covenant [Mission #17 Set Up]
Post by Wreck on Jul 17, 2007, 6:59pm

For a long moment, Blight is silent.

Then, he chuckles softly. Much like the proceeding transfer of power, there isn't much overly dramatic about it. Simply a quiet laugh, hiding infinity in the red glow of his eyes.

"Hm. This could be fun, couldn't it? Yes…."

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