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Real Name – Michael “Mike” Placio
Code Name - Chi
Sex - Male
Age (11-18) - 16
Team Affiliation - New Mutants...IN SPACE!!!

Mutations/Powers – Able to create an energy force field a short range around his body (a few inches at most). Typically, he prefers to wrap the field around his hands.

The energy field is fairly impermeable so Mike can’t wrap it around himself completely or he’d suffocate. His force field is fairly strong, but even a moderately powerful attack can break through the field, which usually results in a pretty nasty feedback headache. If he falls unconscious, the field drops, but if he loses focus or is attacked telepathically, typically the field will remain in place.

Look – Moderately handsome, Filipino teenager. Light brown skin, unruly black hair that doesn’t get cut or combed as often as it should, very dark brown eyes. Short and heavy (5’ 3” and 170 lbs). His body is fairly solid, but also the result of a lot of eating.

Dresses very casual. Typically he wears sports related T-Shirts (mostly New York Jets) and black jeans. Prefers to be barefooted when he can be, but when wearing shoes, he wears black high top sneakers just about at any occasion.

Chi has a pretty ugly scar on his face from his efforts at saving Timmy's life from Heatwave's attempted shooting. He's tried to maintain good spirits about it, but he no longer jokes with Lex as easily as he used to.

Mike recently changed his costume to represent the people most important to him, along with the New Mutants and Hellions that died during his time with the team. He took his black karate gi jacket, with a Chinese character for chaos on his back, and cut off the sleeves. He used red piping from Joe's Slam Evil jacket to fill the edges of the gi. Underneath, he wears a green Jets sweater, that has been customized with various small weapons in pockets along the sleeves, along with a few pictures of his friends and family. He stitched in an extra pocket on the chest, over his heart, where he always carries the picture Amelia drew, The top is finished with the flexible shoulder pads from Joe's jacket.

He wears a grey headband, which was made from Tangle's sweatshirt. His sword (a gift from Seph) attached to his waist by a belt from Kidd's room. On his hands, he wears Heatwave's gloves, which were customized with some blades from similar gloves in Sephula's room.

On his feet, boots donated from Charge. They are tall, pitch black and looked fairly similar to military footwear, just a lot more stylish.

Personality – Hates to sit still, and slightly scatter-brained. More than one person has asked if he has ADHD. On a whole, Mike is light-hearted, but once he gets his temper going, it is very hard for him to stop. Prone to clumsiness. Loves to cook and eat.

Has taken some martial arts, but he is no where as good as he thinks he is. He also loves to participate in sports (football and basketball, mostly), but he’s not very good at them.

History – Mike doesn’t have a deep dark past like a lot of the New Mutants. He lived his entire live in Jersey City, NJ, a second generation American. He comes from a pretty stable, though not particularly wealthy, family, with two older sisters who drive him nuts. His powers first manifested during a basketball game at a nearby park. His force field appeared all over him, and he passed out unable to breathe.

Cannonball approached him early on to join the team, but Mike had no interest in being that far away from home. But, after the recent events that have shaken the world, Mike has travelled to Westchester to join up and help anyway he can.

Mike had started a close friendship, possible relationship with Heaven, but this was recently turned into a long distance relationship when Mike decided to join the New Mutants…IN SPACE!!!

After Chi's powers almost got him killed by Posiedon, he will be joining the space team. He didn't tell anyone this, but he wants to try and find someone who can help him use his powers better. Chi has already decided not to use his powers at all in space missions, relying on whatever tech the Shiar can give him. But, he will be practicing with his powers constantly, hoping that some day he will be able to use them.

Significant Issues

  • New Mutants Unlimited 24 - Chi's First Appearance
  • New Mutants 110 - Chi joins New Mutants
  • New Mutants 111 - Chi's face scarred by deflected bullet during battle with "Timmy"
  • Hellions 2 - Chi manages to outsmart and outfight the much stronger Cricket in the New Mutants battle with the Hellions.
  • New Mutants/Hellions Crossover 3 - Tangle and Chi team up with Black Panther to defeat Klaw
  • New Mutants 112 - Chi meets Amelia, she tries to kill him.
  • New Mutants Unlimited 39 - Chi and Amelia's "first date," when they team up to fight Stilt Man
  • New Mutants 114 - Mike is almost killed by Posiedon. Sephula is killed and [[[heaven |Amelia]] is almost killed, causing Mike to stop using his powers until he can get them right.
  • New Mutants/New Mutants…IN SPACE!!! Crossover 1 - Chi finds himself jumping through alternate realities…and discovers that his chances of ever finding happiness are very unlikely…
  • New Mutants…IN SPACE!!! Unlimited 1 - Mike uses the Juber's training room to have a conversation with Sephula, and finally gets to meet the real Sephula.
  • New Mutants...IN SPACE!!! 1 - Chi convinces entity on J'kthair Seven to allow a Kree and Shi'ar weapon to destroy the powerful weapon hidden there. CHI SAVES THE UNIVERSE!!!
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