Bullets and Quivers

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Bullets and Quivers
Post by Risk on Jun 13, 2007, 9:35pm


That's what I've found myself to be lately. Overly inflexible. I am a soldier, and as such, I should utilise every tool at my disposal.

I pick up the handgun in front of me and dangle it from a finger.

So is it right to use this? I've threatened to do as much before, yes, but I didn't have any intention of actually using it. If I really am a soldier as I believe myself to be, and as I would conduct myself… would I not be amiss to use it?

I raise it and level it at the target that forms in front of me - the Kingpin. That destructive, monstrous bastard. The magnitude of the crimes of this one man is almost immeasurable. I fire.

My grip is unsteady, the aim slightly unbalanced. The bulet tears into his shoulder. I was aiming for his chest.

I drop the gun with a sigh. This would be so much easier with a bow.


I pick the gun back up.

I will not let this go. To be my most effective, especially now that I don't have any powers, I need to be able to adapt to any situation, and be able to use any tool at my disposal. That includes this.

I continue to fire. Non-lethal shots, aiming for his knee-cap.

I get his lower leg. And again. And again. His thigh. And finally, his knee-cap.

Re: Bullets and Quivers
Post by Risk on Jun 24, 2007, 10:55am

[About two weeks later.]

Bang. Bang.

Two sounds. Simple really, aren't they? Ring off a little less than they should, mean a little more than they should. A complexity within its simplicity, but essentially, it's still simple enough.

Simple enough.

That can be worth so little. Savouring in its simplicity might be a good idea right now, while everything else is so infuriating.


I throw the beretta at the target and it takes the head off. See, that's why I shouldn't get emotional. More often than not, that emotion is anger, and anger makes you sloppy. Makes you worth less than you should be when you operate.

We're still being treated like children, though, and that's what's so god damn infuriating. We're constantly thrown into situations where we can't be children, and deal with it with a maturity that the vast majority of people our age wouldn't be able to muster…. And then when it all rolls over, we go back to being treated like children.

Bang. Bang. Bang.

So what even happens from here? Where do we, all of us, go from here? And what's going to be expected of us? What new, oxymoronic tomorrow, are we going to face?


Fun, fun, fun.

Yay for being a minor.

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