Real Name - Damien Lupe
Code Name - Arc
Sex - Male
Age - 16
Mutations/Powers – Superhuman durability (roughly 30), superhuman agility (above Captain America standards) and a superhuman leaping ability (thirty metres in height and fifty metres in length).

Look - About 6' 1" with a strong, balanced build. He has very dark, brown eyes and black hair that frames his face, falling just short of shoulder length. Several streaks of white run through it, down the sides, back and the front.

Personality – Damien comes across as calm most of the time, though his temper can flare easily. He has a tendency to become depressed but usually refuses to acknowledge it, or just hides it.

History – Damien was orphaned at the age of fourteen – the result of an unfortunate car crash. He inherited his parents’ estate and funds. When his parents were alive, they instilled a strong sense of nobility and heritage into him, as well as forcing him to learn through certain activities such as fencing, bujutsu and bōjutsu, even though he hated doing so at the time.

Damien had been an active vigilante for several months, but he manifested his powers at an early age – nine. He never used them until some time into his fifteenth year, though, out of fear of hurting someone (he was not entirely sure what his powers really were). He was on the scene when Wind Dancer pretended to be Calamity. H e wanted to try his luck at taking care of it when Captain America turned up. Feeling that he was in no position to argue with Captain America, he turned away.

The incident had left him very intrigued and he stayed near the scene. He was there when the mansion staff returned to the scene to clear it up and collect a body. When they began to leave he jumped after them, trying to keep up. He failed miserably, but the attempt was enough to get their attention. After some conversation and explanations, they offered to take him back with them.

Because he doesn’t have any superhuman strength – something that struck him as strange considering his durability and the tendency of powers to manifest in a manner that compliment each other – he accustomed himself to many manners of fighting. As a result, he tends to fight purely close quarters when he can help it – sometimes with non-lethal weapons such as escrima, kon, quarterstaffs and shobo.

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