Real Name – Alexia "Lexi" Serden
Code Name - Amethyst
Sex - Female
Age - 19
Mutations/Powers –Amethyst can create constructs out of hard light, the light happens to be purple. She tends to create a katana as her normal weapon. Think of it as a Pseudo-Green Lantern Powerset.

Look – Moderately attractive. Her Asian heritage shows, but she's basically caucasian. She is in good shape after growing up in a future ruled by Magneto (5'7", 120 lbs). She has long black hair that she keeps in a pony tail unless she is just hanging out. She has blue eyes.

Alexia wears bright colors when she is relaxing. During a mission she wears streamlined body armor from her future and a tattered version of Lex's trenchcoat. Since coming to the 1982 timeline, she has stopped wearing the trenchcoat, but taken to wearing violet sunglasses.

Personality - Alexia has a suprisingly bright personality for someone who grew up when she did. She likes to joke around, but can be serious when she needs to. Her personality changes during battle, she has becomes focused on whatever the goal may be. In the 1982 timeline she is often confused about things, because they aren't the way her history told her they would be.

History – Alexia grew up in a future ruled by Magneto. Most of the New Mutants and Hellions have been dead as long as she remembers. They all died on the day that Mission 114 happened. She personally knew Dillan, Roxanne, Marisol, Nadia, Wreck, and Joe. Dillan and Roxanne helped raise her when Jubilee died when Alexia was 7. She looks up to Roxanne like a mother.

She had always been told that Wreck sided with Magneto and turned on the team. It has recently come to her attention that it was in fact Dillan that sold them out to Magneto, it was during his crazy phase.

Alexia was sent back in time to stop the Magneto ruled future from ever occuring. Dillan sent her back after slipping a letter that explained the whole truth into her pocket. She appeared in the cell that the teams were in during Mission 114, she never had a chance to help them because the cell was different from the one she had been told about. Her powers were taken away along with everyone else. Because Dillan sent her back, it was a one way trip. She decides to stay at the mansion and join the New Mutants.

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